Puck Miranda Died: What happened to Puck Miranda?

The casts of iconic soap operas such as “Rebelde” and “Complices to the rescue” mourn the death of one of their members, while on social networks, fans of both productions paid heartfelt tributes to him.

The unfortunate news was revealed by the National Association of Actors (ANDA) of Mexico, which is a kind of union of television and theater artists in that country.

A great actor says goodbye

Roberto Lopez Miranda passed away in Mexico on the last weekend of November 2020. The artist, best known internationally for playing Cosme Mendez, father of Giovanni Mendez, the character of Christian Chavez, the famous actor and singer of RBD.

Although no details were given about his death and his family preferred to hold the funeral in complete privacy, the news of the artist’s death shook the histrionic community in his country, as El Puck not only performed on television. His work expanded to theater and film.

A long career

In addition to his participation in “Rebelde,” Puck Miranda also starred in the children’s telenovela “Complices al Rescate,” which in 2002 launched Belinda’s career . There he served as Damien. He had already incarnated the character of Arnulfo Castillo in the 2002 version of “La intrusa”.

Later, he made Cosme Mendez in 2004 and two years later he joined the long list of actors who appeared in the series “Neighbors” in 2006. That year, Puck left the small screen to dedicate himself to film and theater.

His last role was that of Marno, in the comedy “Return the dust to earth by Mexican director Alejandro Soltero. However, his cinematographic curriculum includes other titles such as “The womanizing truck driver” and “It was not a criminal, it was a dagger”.

The theater gave it its name

The actor was better known by his nickname of Puck, than by his first name Roberto Lopez Miranda. He himself explained in an interview where that special nickname came from

“The name of ‘Puck’ comes from the play” A Midsummer Night’s Dream “which if you allow me to say so, because it fills me with pride, is the most complete work of Shakespeare because it represents the seven fine arts and Puck he is an imaginary character, an ethereal being and I was very thin and very young, that’s why they gave me the character in the National Fine Arts Company and there I got the nickname ‘Puck’ ”, explained the now deceased artist.

His companions cry for him

The news of the death of Roberto Puck Miranda shook members of the artistic community who had worked with him. Among them Alejandra Ávalos, who shared posters with the actor in the movie “Perdóname todo.”


The fans of “Rebelde” honored him by publishing images of some of the scenes in which he appeared with Christian Chavez in the youth soap opera, which was the genesis of the band RBD. They also recalled that he is the second member of the cast who has given his final goodbye.


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