Wrestler Raziel Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The Mexican wrestler Raziel died in the last hours of Monday, of still unknown causes; he was currently champion in the CMLL.

On Monday night, the Mexican wrestler known as Raziel , who was currently a member of the World Wrestling Council, passed away.

The death of the esthete was announced by the CMLL itself , by a message displayed on social networks, a publication that shocked the environment of the Mexican pancracy, due to the surprise of the event.

How did Raziel die?

It is not known what the fighter Raziel died of , since it was not known that he had any health problem or that any injury had occurred that put his life at risk.

Raziel was champion in the CMLL

The 49-year-old veteran Raziel was currently the CMLL third-party champion with the Los Cancerberos del Infierno faction , along with master Virus and Cancerbero . He was one of the esthetes with the greatest faculties in the company of the Colony of the Doctors.

The CMLL message about the death of Raziel

SEE YOU ALWAYS, RAZIEL. The CMLL joins the sorrow that seizes the fighting family due to the sensitive death of the Raziel, who had an outstanding career thanks to his refined technique, and great rudeness. We express our deepest condolences & solidarity to his family and friends for this irreparable loss. Rest in peace”.

Condolences to Raziel

“Surprised and saddened by this type of news, I had the opportunity to be part of his development, always being a professional element both in his training and in the ring, I join in the sorrow that his family seizes. Rest in peace Raziel.”

“I am very sorry for your departure my dear Raziel. Despite not having many meetings, it was one that I enjoyed. You made me take out the domingueras in those fights at canvas level, since you did have more repertoire.

May God have you in his holy glory. My deepest condolences to his family”.

“A very sad and heartbreaking news. Rest in peace, Raziel. God have you in his Holy Glory! A big hug to all your relatives. A lot of strength. We are with you.

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