World Cup Player Luis Cruz Dies Of Covid-19

Mexico City.- Mourning in the soccer of Honduras because this January 27 one of its World Cup players died, it is Luis Cruz, who played the 1982 World Cup and lost his life at age 68 due to the coronavirus in a hospital in San Pedro Sula, reported his former teammate, Jaime Villegas.

Cruz was a left back for the Motagua and Real España clubs, played as a starter in the 1-1 draw against Northern Ireland in Spain 82 and was hospitalized for a month in a public hospital.

With the death of Cruz, there are five deaths that formed in that World Cup team almost 40 years ago that surprised by drawing with Spain 1-1 on the opening date and falling 1-0 in a last minute penalty goal against Yugoslavia in a fair that I would have Italy as Champion.

Right back Domingo Droumont, midfielder Javier Toledo and attackers Roberto Bailey and Roberto “Macho” Figueroa, are the other four ex-footballers of that team who have already died.

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