Chiquis Rivera announced the launch of her new makeup collection “Amor a Mí” from her beauty company “Be Flawless Skin”. The products will be available from midnight on Friday, January 29 on the official website.

Chiquis’s new makeup collection consists of lipstick in vibrant red color, false eyelashes, and a palette of eyeshadows in neutral colors.

Anyone who wishes to purchase the beauty products of the company of the famous American singer must enter the official website , where they also have available pieces from the collections that she previously launched.

In the promotional images she posted on Instagram , Rivera was more sensual than ever when posing using the reddish lipstick that is part of her new “Amor a Mí” makeup collection.

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to love yourself,” said Chiquis to make it known that the new products of her beauty company celebrate and honor self-esteem among women.

The Be Flawless Skin’ company was founded by Chiquis Rivera and Judi Castro in March 2016 as a “remarkable line in the beauty industry” in order to offer products that generate satisfaction among its customers.

Through the Be Flawless Skin” website , Rivera offers a variety of products ranging from her own fragrance, makeup brushes, eye shadows, and skin highlighters.

Chiquis’s artistic career has been complemented by her business side with her own makeup brand and with the launch of her book Chiquis Keto“, where she offers endless tips to her thousands of fans to improve their diet with recipes inspired by Latino culture.

Chiquis Rivera celebrates her triumph in the music industry

Chiquis Rivera is one of the most important women in the genre of regional Mexican music and a sample of this can be seen in her recent nomination for Premio Lo Nuestro 2021 in the category “Regional Mexican Artist of the Year.”

Rivera is the only female personality to win a nomination in the outstanding category of Univision’s influential awards ceremony celebrating the best in the Spanish-speaking music industry.

The daughter of the unforgettable singer Jenni Rivera also has a nomination in the category “Cumbia Song of the Year – Regional Mexican” for “I miss you, I forget you, I love you”, a musical project that she performed in collaboration with Los Socios Del Ritmo.

Rivera enjoyed a media vacation in Mexico

Chiquis Rivera began the year 2021 enjoying a well-deserved and media vacation in Tulum, Mexico. Throughout her stay in Aztec lands, the American singer was widely criticized for her physical appearance.

Through her Instagram account, Chiquis confronted her detractors for her physical appearance: “With scars, stretch marks, cellulite, and all my imperfections… I love myself, I accept myself and I like myself very well. Thank God”.

The interpreter of “Paloma Blanca” was accompanied by a group of friends during her trip and at all times she was shown on social networks with striking bikinis tight around her curvy figure.

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