The singer explained the mishap on his social networks

The Mexican singer Lupillo Rivera canceled an event in Bakersfield, California, United States, because of a short circuit that took place in the arena of the recital.

From his official Instagram account, the famous singer communicated that the event was canceled “for reasons beyond our reach, the event was canceled today … hopefully they will refund their entry money,” he wrote.

In addition, he accompanied the publication with a video in which the enclosure surrounded by firefighters and authorities of the American town appears.

“We are arriving here in Uruapan,” explains Lupillo in the audiovisual that he published on his social networks. “We had to work here right now, but just look at the mess there is. There are people outside, ”he said, addressing his wife Giselle Soto.

“There was a short circuit and the firefighters are going to stop the dance, I think,” he explained in the video where the corresponding authorities can be seen in the nightclub where the musical event was supposed to take place.

In the publication, Lupillo received some comments from users who pointed out that the company would have to take charge of reimbursing the tickets that were sold to the spectators: “What do you mean ‘hopefully’ (that they return the entrance money?”, Opined a follower of the singer.

On the other hand, recently the singer decided to give a gift to his brother Juan and his mother, Mrs. Rosa Rivera since he gave them 30 songs of his property.

According to the magazine TvyNovelas, the transfer of rights was carried out on April 6 of this year, giving Juan the authorization to carry out any project with the purpose he wants.

In the document, made in the United States, it is stated that “I, Guadalupe Rivera, alias Lupillo Rivera, assign all the rights of Studio Master Recordings to Juan Rivera and Rosa Rivera, as a gift from me to them”.

“They have full ownership rights and can publish studio recordings of their own choices around the world, without limitations in any format, including digital. With this document, I grant you all the rights to the royalties, except as the author or composer of all the recordings ”.

However, certain conditions are detailed in the letter, as the relatives must have the singer’s authorization to make live recordings, interviews, or behind the scenes of live performances.

“Absolutely nothing can be published unless Guadalupe authorizes in writing the release in any way, including YouTube videos, social media videos, or any type of series or biography,” the document reads.

With this decision by Lupillo, the lawsuits for rights dating from 2001 could be ended, when the Saliste Liviana interpreter recorded the song Sufiendo a Solas as if it were his own, when in fact it was composed by Juan Rivera.

However, a few weeks ago, Juan revealed why he distanced himself from the “Toro del corrido” and stopped representing him. In a transmission on Instagram, Juan assured that he has always endured the “abuse and offenses” that his brother has done to him.

Well, Lupillo constantly treats him badly and has even called him “trash”, “black sheep”, and “sh * t.” However, this deal would have to end.

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