Vicente Fernández Reappeared After The Sexual Harassment Scandal To Celebrate His Birthday.

The singer posted a video of a new song on his Instagram account

Singer Vicente Fernández reappeared on his birthday to present a preview of his next record material and a few days after starring in at least two scandals of a sexual nature related to his fans.

“El Charro de Huentitán” used his Instagram account to post a preview of the musical theme that will soon be formally released and just after being accused of touching the bust of more than one follower and even sexually abusing the Mexican singer- American Lupita Castro.

“I’m here to sing a bit of a song that will come out soon,” he said in a video posted on his social networks.

The singer appeared with the interpretation of the song My father’s horse, whose main axis is the inheritance that his relative left him after he died and whose audio was released at the end of last year.

Fernández did not give more details of his next premiere, but he can be seen with a serious and sometimes rigid face, despite the fact that this announcement was made on his 81st birthday.

The video has received great support from the followers of the Mexican singer. So far it has been reproduced just over 204,876 times and obtained thousands of likes, as well as some comments made to congratulate the interpreter for this new return to the Sun.

And it is that the date went unnoticed neither by his family nor his fans and from very early they have spoken to celebrate the one born in Huentitán el Alto, Guadalajara.

The recent scandals have not tarnished the long career of the interpreter of These Jealousy or My Way, who for a few weeks has been accused of unduly touching his fans and even sexually assaulting Lupita Castro.

Vicente Fernández
For a few weeks, he has been accused of unduly touching his fans (Photo: @Miranda Hdez / TikTok)

The complaints against Fernández appeared on TikTok, where they quickly went viral. In the social network, several images of the singer were published touching the bust of his fans, who met him in search of memory next to one of the greatest exponents of the Mexican region.

After the virtualization of these accusations, Vicente Fernández showed his face in an interview with the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda who, more than calming down spirits, only intensified the attacks.

“I saw the photo and, indeed, yes. I put my hand, first on the stomach, and said ‘in the stomach, you will feel offended’ and I raised my hand and they take the photo.  But I never did like this’, if I have something is to respect the public. But I do want to apologize to all the media because they have always treated me very well throughout my career … I admit that I was wrong, I don’t know if it was joking, it was a joke … I don’t know, “acknowledged the interpreter.

“I do not remember, there were many people (with whom I took photos),  I do offer an apology with all my heart, but I did not do it with the intention. If I had done it with the intention, I don’t do it there … I would have taken her to the stables. I don’t even remember how it happened, ”Vicente continued from his ranch in Guadalajara, Jalisco, and with tears in his eyes.

After this pronouncement, the first young woman to show the harassment she suffered, condemned the behavior of the famous Mexican: “This happened with four more women and if it were an accident it wouldn’t happen so much. His apology felt that it was not sincere and it was for the media, not us, “he commented in an interview with Despierta América.

To these testimonies was added that of Lupita Castro, who assured that she was raped by Alejandro Fernández’s father.

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