Reporter Juan Arvizu Dies Of Covid-19

Mexico.- The veteran reporter and chronicler of El Universal Juan Arvizu died of Covid-19, journalists reported on Twitter.

El Universal confirmed in a note the death of the reporter, who currently covered the source of the Senate and the PRI, and until weeks ago he was hospitalized for Covid-19.

Who was Juan Arvizu?

Juan Arvizu distinguished himself by being one of the few chroniclers in Congress and who has worked with El Universal for decades.

Although his most outstanding work was in the Senate, the newspaper recalled that Juan Arvizu also covered the source of the Presidency with Ernesto Zedillo, the Ministry of the Interior, the Chamber of Deputies, political parties, electoral bodies, and various elections.

They mourn the death of Juan Arvizu by Covid-19

Through Twitter, reporters, reporters, journalists, and members of politics lamented the death of Juan Arvizu on February 17. They also mentioned some personality traits such as that he was always serious, dressed in a suit, and very professional.

Senate reporter and Excelsior columnist Leticia Robles de la Rosa said she and the reporter were partners for nearly a decade. “It is a day of mourning for journalists in the Senate,” he wrote on Twitter.

The Millennium Information Director, Víctor Hugo Michel, also spoke. the journalist Julián Andrade; columnist Raymundo Riva Palacio; among others. 

Not only fellow people from the middle gave their condolences for Juan Arvizu. He was also remembered by members of the Senate, whom he covered for years.

The independent senator Emilio Álvarez Icaza; the PRI senator Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong; the president of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Dulce María Sauri; the MC’s licensed senator, Samuel García; the senator of the PRI Claudia Anaya; are some people who have also regretted the news.

Until last December 29, the civil association Press Emblem Campaign (PEC, for its acronym in English), based in Geneva, had recorded 42 journalists killed by Covid-19 in Mexico. The country ranked fourth with the most records, after Peru, India, and Brazil.

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