Suylén Milanés Died: What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Cuban singer Suylén Milanés Bennet, daughter of Pablo Milanés, died this Sunday in Havana at the age of 50, as confirmed by the Musical Recording and Editions Company (Egrem) on its social networks.

“It is with deep regret that we learned today of the death of Suylén Milanés, an outstanding performer and music producer. She is the founder of the Eyeife Festival and a friend of the EGREM. We say goodbye to this passionate, enterprising, and talented woman. Lots of light for her soul”, she reads on her Twitter account.

Suylén Milanés was hospitalized last Thursday at the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Havana after suffering a stroke, which unfortunately she was unable to overcome.

So far her father, Pablo Milanés, has not spoken, but his wife Nancy Pérez Rey wrote a message that was disclosed on Facebook by Cuban biographer Víctor Águila: “her heart stopped beating a few hours ago. Pablo is serene because since the diagnosis of brain death she knew the outcome and she has been suffering it heartbreakingly within the extraordinary strength she has.

The woman reported that due to the singer-songwriter’s health, they will not travel from Spain to Havana for the funeral. “We know that everyone is with us accompanying us in the hardest moment of Pablo’s life. Thank you for so much love,” she added.

Social networks begin to flood with messages of condolences for the whole family.

“She did not stop living for music and for Cuban culture in all the variants that she considered important. Her career included transcendent moments, especially within the author’s song and the alternative scene. Her time in the early 1990s at Monte de Espuma and later at Tesis de Menta was relevant,” recalled journalist Michel Hernández.

The reporter, a friend of the interpreter, stated that she left the album Vestida de mar unfinished with singles by various composers, including her father. “She needed to record the theme, the last song to finish that project that had Tesis de Menta as an accompanying band.”

Suylén Milanés Suylen is one of the three daughters of Cuban troubadour Pablo Milanés with Yolanda Benett, the muse of one of her most iconic songs, “ Yolanda ”. She studied Choral Direction and Singing at the Escuela Superior de Arte in Cuba; in the Performing Arts of Televisa, and in the Actor’s Studio, in Mexico.

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