Son Of Actor Mario Zaragoza Dies At 14, He Says Goodbye On Social Networks

Mario Zaragoza mourns the death of his 14-year-old son , Luis Ángel Fernando Zaragoza, who died on January 30, 2022.

So far the cause of death of the son of the first actor Mario Zaragoza is unknown, but it is believed this was due to some medical complication.

On social networks, both Mario Zaragoza and Paty Blanco, the mother, received several messages of condolences from family friends and co-workers.

Mario Zaragoza says goodbye to his son.

Through his official accounts on social networks, the Mexican actor Mario Zaragoza mourns the death of his 14-year-old son that occurred on January 30, 222.

In his message Mario Zaragoza dedicated to his son Luis Ángel Fernando Zaragoza the song by Violeta Parra ‘Rin del angelito’ as a farewell .

“That dear little angel is already going to heaven / To pray for his grandparents, for his parents and little brothers / When the flesh dies, the soul looks for its place / Inside a poppy or inside a little bird / Heaven is waiting for him with his open heart

This publication was accompanied by Mario Zaragoza along with a photograph of the altar that he made for his son after his death .

So far, the cause of the death of Mario Zaragoza’s son has not been revealed; however, it is believed that it was due to some medical complication due to the fact that the adolescent had Down syndrome.

After the news was made known, Mario Zaragoza received several messages of condolences from his friends, family and co-workers.

In addition, on social networks, the theater and cinema company Calypso Producciones organized a collection to financially support Mario Zaragoza and Paty Blanco.

The actor heartily thanked Mario Zaragoza for this initiative to help, as well as those who can support them during this complicated moment.

“Thank you for being here, knowing that you are with us gives us comfort. Thanks for your help.”

Who is Mario Zaragoza who lost his 14-year-old son?

Mario Zaragoza is an actor from Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, winner of the Ariel Award for his work in ‘Desierto Inside’.

Mario Zaragoza recently participated in the series ‘La Negociadora’, among others.

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