The 35-year-old diver once again reiterated his decision to leave diving to make room for new generations and support more young people to fulfil their dreams

Only a few hours have passed since the last Olympic participation of Rommel Aghmed Pacheco Marrufo in Tokyo 2020 and the different messages of thanks to the Mexican athlete continue to be presented. The expressions of affection and gratitude to the Olympic diver continue and, although he did not manage to hang an Olympic medal, different sectors of sports fans applauded his work in Japan.

After a 28-year career as a high-performance athlete, Rommel Pacheco once again said goodbye to all those who supported him throughout his career and reiterated his departure from the diving discipline that brought so many joys to him in his training as a Mexican athlete.

Through his Instagram account, he shared a message dedicated to the entire public that encouraged him in the different competitions in which he participated and emphasized that ” his time has come .” He began by highlighting the importance of giving place to the next generations of divers and that he will support them from other instances.

Although he will no longer participate in international championships and tournaments, Rommel stressed that he will continue to do physical activity , as he commented that thanks to this he became the person he is today, he highlighted three personal qualities that he achieved with sport: character, discipline and health .

“The time has come to hand over the baton to the new generations of sports in Mexico, who will have to support me from other trenches. I reiterate that the moment of my retirement has arrived, I am aware that I will never stop doing sports because it is thanks to him that my character, my discipline and my health have been forged “

In his speech shared on social networks, he spoke that he will do his best to encourage more young people and infants to meet the goals they set. Previously, he pointed out that he was leaving sports to make his way into Mexican politics and carry out projects focused on sports.

“Today more than ever, I want to put all my effort and work so that more children, young people, women and men have a better chance of fulfilling all their dreams”

He rescued the Olympic motto that inspires each athlete ” taller, faster and stronger ” to put it into practice but now in his new professional stage. He thanked again all the expressions of affection that were presented in the virtual space.

Finally, he stressed that he will continue to do what seems impossible and will continue to fight for his new dreams and goals. He dedicated a few words to Tokyo 2020, which was the last Olympic stage that he stepped on.

“If something else remains to be said, it is thanks to life for so many blessings. I will continue to be as the Olympic motto says; Taller, faster and stronger, being a champion means fighting to conquer what seems impossible . Thank you # Tokyo2020 you never stopped surprising and inspiring me … “

On Monday night when he qualified for the 3-meter springboard final and his teammate Osmar Olvera was in position 14, just 2 places away from qualifying, he wrote a message of encouragement, as he stressed that his place would be occupied by new capable generations. to achieve triumphs for Mexico.

“I am glad to know that in my retirement the trampoline in Mexico stays with new generations who come with everything. Congratulations Osmar on this Olympic start; you have a great future ahead of MaJin’s hand. #JuegosOlimpicos ”, he published on his Twitter account.

In his statements at the end of the diving competition, he commented that he would have liked to reach the medal, however, he satisfactorily concluded his performance, so he commented to Claro Sports.

“I have lasted 28 years, but it is time to say goodbye. And although I really would have loved to go with the medal, I am leaving extremely happy, satisfied and calm ”.

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