Ready for the grand finale. As the days go by, the fifth season of the reality of the sport Exatlon United States

Something that the present delivery of Exatlon United States has gotten us used to is to expect the unexpected, it is for this reason that on Wednesday, August 4, when the presenter Frederik Oldenburg, announced that the fight of the day would not be for any prize in In particular, but by staying in the competition, each one of the warriors focused on giving everything for everything, on a night that, without a doubt, would be to remember.

Elimination Wednesday

The circuit chosen for this unprecedented Wednesday, where the girls of both teams were in danger, was one that we met for the first time in the fifth season of Exatlon United States. It was the Urban Circuit, which resembles a city in the middle of the night and which became one of the favorites for athletes. Like the “amphibious circuit”, the urban one was inaugurated this season, winning the preference of the audience and the participants alike.

is getting closer and closer to the outcome where we will meet the man and the woman who will win the highest prize and will have the honor of being crowned the winners of the fifth edition of the so-called “Fiercest Competition on the Planet”.

From the beginning of the day, Team Famosos made clear their advantage in the scoreboard, making consecutive annotations, however, there were several passes by different blue athletes that made a difficult situation for Team Rojo, such was the case of the contender Wilmarie Negrón, who took her mission very seriously and had several successes during the day.

But it was the Boricua boxer, Jeyvier Cintrón, who was in charge of giving the match point to Team Famosos. About his approach, he told Chelly in an interview: “When we learned that today there would be elimination, we made it clear that no one was going to leave today, and although the competition is not over, we are going to do everything so that no red leaves today. ”

The Contestants gave the battle to the end, Ana Parra, one of the strongest women of Team Azul, extended the time with one more point and said that she had the best attitude to be able to get out of the unexpected Wednesday of elimination where, without a chance to doubts, no team wants to lose its participants.

We would dare to say that the point of the victory of the red team, Jacobo García was the most exciting of the night, in a heart attack duel against Kelvin Noeh Renteria, who put the blues facing the duel for permanence, where they faced the Puerto Rican Wilmarie Negrón, against Mirna Almada, according to the decision of the leader in scoring, Vaquero Renteria.

Let us remember that both women have safe conduct medals, but while Negrón has only one, Mirna Almada has three, which makes the situation more difficult for Will, who put the first point on the board for permanence. The second point continued in Wilmarie’s favor, but an injury to Mirna Almada crossing the circuit put a brake on everything.

Mirna Almada’s injury was so severe that the Exatlon United States medical team decided that she should not continue in the Exatlon United States, so Wilmarie Negrón continues in the competition after a sad and regrettable departure.

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