Ray Reyes Died: Everything You Need to Know

The singer also raised his voice against the abuse that he and his fellow band members suffered when they were children.

Last Friday night the music industry said goodbye to one of its most important exponents, as the death of Ray Reyes, a former member of Menudo , was confirmed .

His brother, Raúl Reyes and the public relations agency Grandes Eventos released the sad news through a statement.

“Our Ray Reyes departed from our earthly plane. It is with great regret that we notify the death of our great Ray Reyes, former Menudo, ” the statement reads.

For his part, the singer’s brother asked not to forget the legacy of Ray Reyes and as a way to remember the artist’s life, these were his most important steps around the world , since he not only conquered Spanish-speakers.


On March 13, Ray Reyes celebrated his 51st birthday , he was born in 1970 in Manhattan, New York.

At just 13 years old, he began to show his musical talent by joining Menudo , to replace Xavier Serbiá.

By joining the talent of other young people with a promising future, Ray Reyes quickly earned the title of “the boy with the pretty face” and began to be known as one of the most popular members of the group.

Ray Reyes Dies

From that third generation of Menudo, the young man shared the stage and recorded songs with Johnny Lozada, Miguel Cancel and Ricky Martín.

Despite having been part of great successes during his time at Menudo, the singer only spent two years with the group.

In 1985 Reyes said goodbye to his teammates to continue his career, which expanded to other areas of entertainment.

Just a year after leaving Menudo, the singer launched himself as a soloist reaching every corner of Latin America and Brazil was one of the countries in which his voice was a success.

In that country Ray Reyes recorded his first album in Portuguese entitled Minha Musica , one of the most significant achievements in his career as a singer.

Although it was not the only album he released in Brazil, since he also recorded Una y Otra vez , but this time the songs were in Spanish.

After these great receptions for his incredible singing talent, he joined Proyecto M in 1988. There he would meet up with two other former Menudo, René Farrait and Johnny Lozada.

Ray Reyes dies

Although the passage of this and other artists through Menudo was very important and significant, statements that the former members would make years later would reveal their difficult childhood.

In a 2013 interview for the Colombian program Lo sé todo , recovered by the Puerto Rican newspaper Primera Hora, Ray Reyes confessed that with their young ages they were subjected to a difficult schedule: “We had a life that we began at age 12 and when we were working at 12 years old, it was a life like a 20 or 25 year old guy ”.

Aspect that was not told in the series Get on my bike on Amazon Prime , other ex-Menudo members expressed their dissatisfaction with the production.

For his part, Ray Reyes, in a Facebook post, expressed his dissatisfaction that the members were not questioned about their own experiences within the group.

In one of the most important paragraphs he expressed himself about the pain and the other side of the coin: “I do not want that to happen to a son of mine, I honestly would not know what to do because there is no punishment in the justice of this land that is sufficient strong for these abuses. It is not fair that no child goes through something similar again and it is not fair that many media continue to throw in the towel to a person who, although I admire a lot for his creativity and his work, it is also true that I do not want to shut up so many things he did ”.

Ray Reyes Dies
Menudo’s story made it to Amazon Prime, but former members expressed their discontent. (Screenshot: Twitter @AmazonPrimeMX)

In summary, the rest of the statements of the men who passed through Menudo, point to child exploitation, drugs and complaints of sexual abuse allegedly made by manager Edgardo Díaz.


In addition to music, the former Menudo also had another great talent and passion: acting.

After turning 15 and saying goodbye to the group that made his way to fame, as well as starting his own solo career, he dabbled in acting.

Some of the works in which he participated showing his acting talent were The Love Boat and My lucky day.

But his time in acting and television also led him to The Johnny Carson Show.

Ray Reyes Dies
Johnyy Lozada, René Farrait, Charlie Massó, Miguel Cancel and Ricky Meléndez moved the audience with the group “El Reencuentro”. @ rayleon9912 / Instagram


Because of the great affection that it meant to have passed through Menudo, he and other former members starred in one of the most anticipated reunions.

And with a group called El reencuentro Johnyy Lozada, René Farrait, Charlie Massó, Miguel Cancel and Ricky Meléndez conquered the public again in 1998.


Although that group was not the only attempt to remember their golden years and youth, because still in 2020 some members wanted to pay tribute to Menudo.

And with the Get on My Moto Tour, Ray Reyes would return to the stage, however, due to the pandemic, the event had to be canceled.

Ray Reyes Dies
Menudo’s story made it to Amazon Prime, but former members expressed their discontent. (Screenshot: Twitter @AmazonPrimeMX)


Among the aspects that were part of his personal life, his family stands out, because in addition to his legacy as an artist, Reyes left two children: Marcos Reyes, the firstborn from his first marriage, and Cecilia, from the second.

And one of the most difficult moments in the life of Ray Reyes was the death of his ex-partner Roxana Rosario from cancer.

As part of Rosario and Reyes’ fight to fight the disease, the singer organized a charity concert in which he also asked his fans for help and be able to cover medical expenses.

In an interview with Univision Entertainment , the singer assured that the loss had left him devastated, because despite not being a couple they had shared eight years of dating together.

According to her statement, they vowed to always be together: “I promised her that I would never leave her alone. Over time, we only had a love of friends and that’s the only thing that matters. “

Years later, in 2019, the singer would star in a scandal in Puerto Rico for driving under the influence of alcohol.

As explained by the Primera Hora newspaper , an agent from the Traffic Bureau’s Impact Unit arrested Ray Reyes for a strong smell of alcohol.

When performing the breath test, the result was .156%, when the limit is 0.08% alcohol.

For this reason, they came to court that prevailed until the beginning of 2020, despite this the singer told the program Lo Sé Todo that he was preparing for the Súbete a Mi Moto tour.


At the age of 51 Ray Reyes said goodbye to his closest friends with his sudden death, so far the details that led to the death of the artist have not been released.

In the last messages that the singer shared with his faithful audience, he asked to enjoy life because “perhaps today could be the last time” , as well as to take care of himself for the COVID-19 pandemic.

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