93-year-old Woman Crosses The US Border In A Wheelchair

A 93-year-old Honduran woman crossed the border with her family. The wheelchair where she is prostrate was not an impediment to make the hard journey. 

Trinidad Tábora and her granddaughter set out on the dangerous path together with other Central Americans in search of the American dream and managed to reach Rome, Texas, from Tamaulipas, Mexico. 

Photojournalist John Moore managed to capture the images with which he showed the feat of this 93-year-old woman.

Helped by other migrants, Trinidad crossed the Rio Grande in an inflatable raft and, upon reaching the United States, raised her hands in gratitude. 

On several occasions, she was carried in her arms by her granddaughter, while another person was in charge of moving her wheelchair. 

Both women are seeking political asylum in the northern country, so they waited for border agents to be detected.


93 year old women cross the us  border
The woman crossed the border with her grandchildren. (Photo: AFP)


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