Quién Es La Máscara: When And Where To See The Second Season

The new season is less than a month away from hitting the screens

Through its social networks, the Univisión channel informed its followers that on June 13 a new season of Who is the mask? , the television program where investigators must guess the identity of the artist who is in disguise.

According to the advance published on both Instagram and YouTube, this time there will be 18 artists who will give life to a character. In the video, all the people wear masks and face masks, so it can be concluded that it was recorded during the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Omar Chaparro and the researchers Carlos RiveraYuriConsuelo Duval return this summer accompanied by JuanPa Zurita to discover what celebrity hides behind the character. You can’t miss it on June 13 at 8P / 7c on Univision. ” wrote the official site of this channel.

In this program, the disguised artists must give clues to the investigators, the last to be discovered will be the victor of the season. People will be able to enjoy this program through the Univisión channel.

The time is indicated as 8P 7C, which means: broadcasts at 8:00 pm (default Eastern time) and 7:00 pm Central time, this refers to the regions of the United States.

The roles they will play are quite ambiguous, although Miguel Ángel Fox, the executive producer of Who is the mask? , admitted that the costumes are designed to fit the personalities behind the outfit. In this season, the masks to decipher are Banana, Cerberus, Disco ball, Goblin, Elephant, Jalapeño, Lele, Raccoon, Medusa, Monster, Polar Bear, Panther, Quetzal, Mouse, Turtle, Unicorn, Xolo, and Zombie.

Quién es la Máscara
There will be 18 contestants disguised as animals and other creatures (EFE / Cortes)

The host of the program will once again be comedian Omar Chaparro accompanied by Natália Téllez backstage. Together, they will dedicate themselves to humor the show throughout its 10 episodes, according to Yuri.

During the press conference to announce his second season, Juanpa Zurita stated how he was impressed by the authenticity of the show.

He was not part of the investigators during the first broadcast of the show, so this time he lived the experience from another perspective. According to him, the identity of the characters is really “the best-kept secret on television

He even said that, when meeting acquaintances behind the costumes, they have been offended that Juanpa did not recognize them. Friendships have been broken. They have me the mother ”, declared.

In April this year, Televisa and Univisión reached an agreement to merge their media, content and production assets to create the largest global Spanish-speaking media company , both groups reported in a joint statement.

The agreement for the merger establishes that Univision will pay the Mexican Televisa USD 4.8 billion (slightly more than 4,000 million euros) in the operation, of which USD 3,000 million (2,508 million euros) will be disbursed in cash and the remaining amount in shares and other commercial considerations.

Quién es la Máscara
The television companies joined their products (Photo: Televisa Sitio Oficial / Univisión Sitio Oficial)

Following the merger, which is expected to conclude this year, Televisa will maintain a 45% stake in the group and will continue to retain ownership of Izzi Telecom, Sky, and other businesses, as well as the main real estate properties linked to the production facilities, the transmission concession titles and transmission infrastructure in Mexico.

On its side, Univisión’s assets include the Univisión and UniMás channelsnine cable channels in Spanish, 61 television stations, and 58 radio stations in the main Hispanic markets of the United States and Puerto Rico, as well as streaming service on demand.

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