Nodal’s Reaction To Lupillo Covering Up Belinda’s Tattoo

Christian Nodal reacts to the news that Lupillo Rivera covered the tattoo of Belinda that he had on his arm

After the engagement of Belinda and Christian Nodal was made public, two of her exesLupillo Rivera and the illusionist Criss Angel, decided to erase the respective tattoos that had been made in honor of the singer.

A week ago the journalist Martha Figueroa reported that the singer and the illusionist would have done it at the request of Christian Nodal. “I got a curious version that I hadn’t paid attention to, but maybe it’s true. It is a lot of coincidence that both of them remove their tattoos at the same time … What they told me is that Christian Nodal was handing out money, asking them ‘Please, take off your tattoo and I’ll give you some wool’. Is it true? ” Martha mentioned.

Rumor or not, the truth is that Lupillo did not remove the tattoo from Belinda’s face that he had on his arm, but he did cover it with black ink, which by the way made him the protagonist of several memes.

Before the concert he gave in Monterrye, Nodal was directly questioned: Did he ask Lupillo or not to remove the “belitatoo”. Here his answer:

“Well, I don’t know, everyone does what they want with their ‘pig’, with their body, sorry. Tattoos make me very happy, I always tattoo things that make me happy. The important thing is that the man is happy” Belinda’s fiancé commented.

Although Lupillo Rivera had commented a while ago that he did not have to remove that tattoo, he “failed” at his word; in fact, he explained that he decided to cover it up out of respect for his new girlfriend. In addition, through his social networks, he answered several questions about his decision. When a follower asked him why he had tattooed Beli’s face on his arm, the singer jokingly said: “You see that some tattoo Marilyn Monroe and never kissed her”

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