Mauro Mendoza Died: How Did Founder of La Trouppe, Die?

Mauro Mendoza, Trupo, artistic director, actor, and playwright of the La Trouppe Theater Company since 1978, and who with his creations sought to resize the genre, in a country that has always considered theater for children as a minor art, this January 6, at 7:00 p.m.

The creation of Mauro Mendoza, as artistic director and playwright of La Trouppe, who was born in Mexico City in 1956, constituted a watershed in theater aimed at girls, boys and young people , not only for the creation of a language that specifically and without prejudice to delivery and quality is addressed to them but for the place of dignity that it returned to the acting technique of clowns, puppets and the wealth of scenic resources in the assembly of works that endure in the memory of generations of spectators.

Mauro Mendoza Died

The founder of La Trouppe, Mauro Mendoza, died at the age of 65 on Wednesday night due to kidney failure, derived from a chronic disease.

In a statement, the La Trouppe Theater Company announced the death of Mauro Mendoza, which was due to kidney failure that had its origin in a chronic disease. Maestro Mauro Mendoza is survived by his daughter Jimena, his granddaughter and his son Mauro Enrique, his brothers, and the theatrical family – disciples, colleagues, artists from various disciplines and thousands of spectators – that he tirelessly trained in more than 40 years of work. children’s theater. From the scene, with La Trouppe, Mauro demonstrated, always supported by what he defined as black theater with white humor , that the genre has no limits and has an extraordinary quality, if it dialogues directly with the intelligence of the public to whom it is directed.

It was shared that Mauro studied at the School of Theater Art of the National Institute of Fine Arts , wrote and directed 22 plays for children. Between the end of the 70s and the first half of the 80s, he worked for 5 years at the INBA children’s theater center, as coordinator of the Titiriglobo INBA FONAPAS Theater, one of the seeds that actively transformed theater for children.

In the book The theater for children and young people in Mexico 1810-2010 by the researcher Josefina Brun, it is stated that Mauro Mendoza “is the playwright of children’s theater who, between the years of 1988 and 2000, had the greatest number of plays put on scene”.

Mauro Mendoza, who died at 65 , built a unique universe, where La Trouppe is today a benchmark. His legacy to the art of our country is invaluable, with him, the boys and girls of Mexico enjoyed the theater, had access to magical realities and intelligent fun, which he considered as thinking and sentient beings, which he delved into the deepest and most beautiful of popular culture and made it unforgettable montages for all viewers. He used to say that laughter is the proper thing to do with man and few like him gave children’s theater the place and dignity that it should always have.

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