Gabriel Coronel Tests Positive For COVID-19

Gabriel Coronel joins the list of personalities from the entertainment industry who have tested positive for COVID-19. The Venezuelan actor reported the news through his official social networks.

“Positive to COVID-19 … What a strange sensation, almost inexplicable, I would say that it is a rare disease that plays not only with your physical but also with your mental health,” said Coronel on his official profile on Instagram.

The interpreter explained that at the beginning of his diagnosis he presented strong symptoms, but that he is currently much better: “This is how my year started and the truth has been difficult days, at first I had a pretty bad time, but I am already much better (still weak and headache) ”.

Coronel urged his thousands of followers to take care of themselves in the midst of the public health crisis that is being experienced worldwide by COVID-19: “I just wanted to tell you to take good care of yourself and not to take it lightly because the virus has it yours and it’s not worth finding out. “

In the last months of 2020, Gabriel Coronel was one of the eight participants in the first season of Univision’s “Tu Cara Me Suena” competition. During his participation in the show, Coronel lived very closely with COVID-19 after the contagion of personalities such as Chantal Andere, Melina León, Sandra Echeverria, Llane, and Francisca Lachapel.

In mid-October 2020, the producers of “Tu Cara Me Suena” decided to pause the production of the television show after the diagnosis of most of its participants. At that time, Univision considered it appropriate to protect the health of the rest of the contestants and the human talent that was part of the production.

Throughout the galas of “Tu Cara Me Suena”, Coronel provided encouraging messages to the Spanish-speaking audience to comply with social distancing and the correct use of masks to prevent the numbers of people infected with COVID-19 from continuing increasing drastically.

Gabriel Coronel, El Dasa, and Pablo Montero were the only participants of “Tu Cara Me Suena” who did not become infected with COVID-19 throughout the first season of the Univision television show.

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