Marjorie de Sousa would be giving herself a new opportunity in love with the influential Mexican businessman Vicente Uribe; her public relation, Alberto Gómez confirmed the information. The couple has been in a loving relationship for six months.

“He is quite a gentleman. They are doing very well,” Gómez told People en Espanol magazine to confirm the Venezuelan actress’s romance with Uribe. Also, the publicist emphasized that Marjorie de Sousa will not provide any interviews at the moment; much less will offer details about her current partner.

According to journalist Javier Ceriani, Vicente Uribe has been a divorced man since March 2019, so Marjorie de Sousa would not have been the cause of the Mexican businessman’s separation from his now ex-wife.

Likewise, the Argentine communicator mentioned that since the end of May 2020, Marjorie de Sousa and Uribe have had a loving relationship and that they do not rule out the idea of ​​joining their lives in marriage in 2021.

In the middle of a broadcast of his show “Chisme No Like”, Javier Ceriani assured that the couple lives in a luxurious residence in Acapulco in Mexico and that the businessman renewed the apartment for the Venezuelan star in Mexico City.


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