Cyberpunk 2077: Game on PS4 and Xbox One Has Serious Performance Issues

CD Projekt RED’s RPG doesn’t offer the best experience on last-generation consoles, at least at the moment.

Cyberpunk 2077 is already on sale. After years of waiting since its announcement, CD Projekt RED has released its ambitious RPG on consoles and PC that we have reviewed on Vandal with an outstanding score. However, there are many criticisms that highlight the number of bugs in the game and the poor performance -at this moment- in the original models of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which was the reason for its last delay. Social networks have been filled with videos of these errors and some analyzes have investigated how it works in different generations.

The developer has promised that the release patch would fix some of the more serious problems and it is likely that many of these videos were recorded before their installation, with copies leaked before their debut. The bugs range from the most innocent with “funny” effects to hangs, fixed screens, poorly modeled characters, late loading of textures, sub-standard resolution, and an almost unplayable frame-by-second rate.

In PC the experience seems much better – and not only by the graphical differences -; although it is not without some problems, it seems that updating the drivers to the latest version fixes most of the performance complaints. In our PC analysis, we told you that “some enemies have gotten stuck during our game and we have been able to kill them easily or another annoying bug that caused that, when posing the bodies of the rivals that we had sent to sleep thanks to the stealth their bodies explode, killing them when we just wanted to get them out of the way without ending their lives. ”

Performance on consoles

It is still early days for the detailed analysis of the performance on the different consoles, and updates are also expected that will polish the experience. However, some videos have already been encouraged to compare the game and, while on PS5 or Xbox Series X it works at 60 fps, on PS4 and Xbox One it can go down to 17 fps as usual , and even Xbox One X has difficulties to keep 30 fps.

“I’ve seen drops in framerate, interface and textures pop-in, and a blurry image in lighting and reflections that made me feel like I was playing a PS3 or Xbox 360 , or at least a modern game with graphics on ultra-low settings. ” Kotaku says about his experience on Xbox One.” My version is which seems to be older than patch day one, but it won’t let me install more, even downloading the whole game again. It’s unclear how many people are experiencing bad Performance also lacks the patch. Xbox One and PS4 players have reported similar issues on Twitter, not knowing if they have the update or how to download it. “

We remind you that beyond performance, Cyberpunk 2077 in the new generation of consoles does not bring many more changes. In 2021, a free update will be launched that provides more advanced technical improvements and brings the console versions closer to the PC, which for example makes use of ray-tracing lighting to enhance reflections and shadows.

The mistakes caught by the players and the humor of the community

As we have said, some of these failures do not go beyond the anecdote, but others are much more serious. Among the first we can see that the players have seen how the genitals of their character -one of the configurable aspects in their editor- go through the pants, causing a “low fly” effect.

The community has taken the performance on the old consoles with humor, criticizing their state with a photograph of 128 or 32-bit games. “This is Cyberpunk 2077 version 1.00 on PS4. The resolution goes down to 720p and it takes 20 seconds to load textures. No excuses” says a user on Twitter with an image of Bubsy 3D.

An immersive game, when everything works

In the PC analysis we told you that ” Cyberpunk 2077 is a unique work and, possibly, it is the best role-playing game with cyberpunk and futuristic theme that we have played in the last decade, a very special title that gives a lesson in how it should be immersion in a video game, how this medium can make us connect in a unique and unattainable way through cinema or literature with our character, with the stories we live and the beings that inhabit around us in this parallel life that it offers us what’s new from CD Projekt “.

“However, this work, like the inhabitants of Night City, like each and every one of us is not perfect and it also has its flaws in the form of numerous bugs and some mechanics such as the melee, too crude, which makes that the title squeaks at times and that can weigh down the experience of all those looking for a more round bet at the playable level than role-playing “.

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