Lorenzo Mendez Net Worth [2022] Age, Height, Pack, Chiquis Rivera

Who is he and what is Lorenzo Mendez’s net worth?

Lorenzo Mendez Net Worth: Lorenzo Mendez was born on December 15, 1986, in Pittsburg California, and is currently very famous for being the husband of La Chiquis Rivera. As of 2022, Lorenzo Mendez’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million.

Lorenzo Emmanuel Mendez Ronquillo better known only as Lorenzo Mendez is a singer and songwriter of the Mexican regional genre who became famous after belonging to “La Original Banda El Limon” for more than 17 years until in 2018 he decided to embark on a solo career.

Full name: Lorenzo Emmanuel Mendez Ronquillo
Best Known: Lorenzo Mendez
Birthdate: 15 Diciembre, 1986
From:Pittsburg California
Astrological sign: Sagitario
Net Worth:$1.5 Million.
Famous by:A former member of La Original Banda El Limon
Wife:Chiquis Rivera
Height: 1.75 cm
Weight: 78 kg
Eye color: Cafe
Skin color: Blanca
Hair color: Cafe
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual

Biography of Lorenzo Mendez

Lorenzo Mendez Net Worth

Beginnings in the life of Lorenzo Mendez

Lorenzo Emmanuel Mendez Ronquillo whom we now know as the singer Lorenzo Mendez, from a very young age he was a fan of Los Tigres del Norte, this group was even one of the main reasons why he was interested in music since he was little. Lorenzo Mendez was born in California, United States, but has lived between Mazatlan and Texas with his family until he finally married the daughter of the late Jenni Rivera and changed his place of residence.

With the support of his parents, he was able to study singing and Lorenzo Mendez participated in various musical events such as the “Mariachi Festival” where he was the winner. He also appeared on “Gigante de la Manana” where he was crowned the winner and one of his awards was having a record deal with Univision.

Lorenzo Mendez was always willing to give everything for music so he was preparing some songs for what would be his first album with which he intended to venture into music, but when he was about to release his first solo album, they asked him to join La Original Banda El Limon in 2010.

History of Lorenzo Mendez

Lorenzo Mendez Net Worth

When he began his career as a soloist it was thanks to La Original Banda el Limon as they contacted him to join the group as a vocalist. Thus he became the first Mexican-American to lead the band in which he was for more than 17 years in which, together with the band Lorenzo Mendez, he reaped a great number of successes. The first song he performed with the band was “Di que regresas”, a song that remained on the popularity charts, and from that moment on all fans of the genre began to know who Lorenzo Mendez was.

During his time with La Original Banda El Limon Lorenzo Mendez achieved endless awards and recognitions, even managing to win several Grammy and Billboard awards, in addition to recording 13 albums in which he was always the vocal leader.

After several years of belonging to La Original Banda El Limon de Salvador Lizarraga, Lorenzo Mendez announced that he was leaving and although there were a lot of rumors in relation to the real reason for his departure, the main reason was that Lorenzo wanted to make his own musical history on your own and not be under the leftover of a group.

After his separation from his old band Lorenzo Mendez decided to start a solo career he did with the song “Imperfectamente perfecta” with which he wanted to start consolidating a career on his own merits and away from La Original Banda el Limon in which for several years he was the vocalist. “Imperfectamente perfecta” was well-received within the main streaming music platforms, however, it did not have the same impact as the songs he sang with the group, so many assured that it had not been a good choice to have left La Original Banda el Limon.

It was at the end of 2019 Tono Lizarraga, made a tremendous statement against Lorenzo Mendez because he assured that he was trying to achieve a career as a singer based on scandals and recommended that he mature. As if that were not enough, he said that although before they were very good friends and almost even brothers, today he no longer considered it that way; “It bothered me that I came out as a gentleman from La Original, without saying anything, and it makes me sad that someone to whom I gave confidence has done that.”

After marrying La Chiquis, Lorenzo Mendez premiered the song “Sinceramente tu esposo”, it is a song dedicated to Jenni Rivera’s daughter, which was written by Lorenzo himself with Bruno Bailón and talks about the great love he has for his wife whom he describes as a gift from God. The song managed to reach almost two million views after a year from its publication. Some of the songs that Lorenzo Mendez was launching in his solo career have been “Just like the others, It hurts to see you happy, Far from my land, I have, Your evil”, among others.

Currently, Lorenzo Mendez continues to try to achieve respect within the music industry as a singer, but he has not had the luck of having a musical hit in his solo career and achieving some radio success as he did with La Original Banda el Limon. The news about his personal and love life with his wife Chiquis Rivera grabbed all the headlines and news about him, overshadowing his singing career or taking it into the background, becoming even more famous just for being La Chiquis’s husband.

Girlfriends of Lorenzo Mendez

Lorenzo Mendez and Chiquis Rivera

Chiquis Rivera

Lorenzo Mendez and Chiquis Rivera have known each other for a long time, but it was in 2016 when they coincided at a concert in which the spark was apparently lit. In April 2017, the vocalist confirmed his engagement with Jenni Rivera’s daughter with a romantic photo and this text: “Two crazy people, with the same dream, in love with life, grateful to God. Loving each other with the same passion”.

Although they appear to be a beautiful couple, they have also had a lot of problems that have even led them to be on the verge of separating. One of her big fights was in 2018, a month after being engaged, she commented to the media that her relationship had ended and although the details were not known in an episode of The Riveras, it was shown that Chiquis Rivera let her know Lorenzo who was not ready to live with him, which sparked a strong fight between the two.

They were finally able to fix their things and in June 2019 they decided to swear eternal love at a wedding that was a scandal because the couple decided not to invite the media and keep the wedding for only their family and friends.

The media of several entertainment programs wanted to get a shot of the wedding but everything got out of control outside the Westminster Church, in Pasadena, California because there was a fight between security and the press who wanted to capture the arrival of the girlfriend. There, the event’s security team continued in their desire not to let the press work and one of them dared to push a cameraman from the show program “El Gordo y la Flaca”, throwing him to the ground in the middle of the road where he exposed to almost being hit by a car. Despite all its problems, the show “Los Rivera” remains one of the most-watched in the United States, being for some a Latin version of Las Kardashian.

At the beginning of 2020, Chiquis Rivera caused concern on social networks by appearing with a black eye, and quickly some fans began to ask what had happened to him. Many speculated whether her husband, Lorenzo Méndez, had beaten her, but she later revealed what she had been because of an aesthetic fix and that she had nothing to do with any quarrel with Lorenzo. In April 2020 the list of the “50 Most Beautiful” of People en Espanol was published, in this edition, Lorenzo Mendez and La Chiquis Rivera was part of the list because they were considered two quite attractive people.

Lorenzo Mendez and Claudia Galvan

Before becoming Chiquis’s husband, Lorenzo Mendez was married to Claudia Galvan, his girlfriend from his youth. With her, he had two girls. However, after seven years they separated in 2014. His ex-wife has given him more than a headache because not only did he sue him for alimony for the girls, he also made strong statements in 2013 where he accused him of violence domestic. Lorenzo was arrested and released on bail. Currently, they made the passes and even Claudia Galvan in 2020 spoke about how happy she was to see that her daughter was very loved by La Chiquis Rivera: “I feel very lucky because she has three parents, two moms, and a dad, so that girl is surrounded of love, “said Lorenzo’s ex.

Lorenzo Mendez Pack

Although on social networks and on the internet, people look a lot for the Lorenzo Mendez pack or photos in which you can see it with little clothes or in sensual poses, the truth is that currently there is no Lorenzo Mendez pack other than those photos that the artist has published on his own networks and that could be considered as sexy.

How much is Lorenzo Mendez’s fortune?

This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Lorenzo Mendez and although they always end up answering it on other pages with “I don’t know,” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention. Lorenzo Mendez’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 Million. However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this great star is Lorenzo Mendez within the middle of the show, even so, more than being interested in the fortune of a person, the important thing is the talent he has and what I have done. that is within the great figures of the international entertainment medium.

Without a doubt, the career of this great star Lorenzo Mendez will continue to rise and we will be attentive to everything that happens around him, so we invite you not to leave our page for the next updates that we will have in life, trajectory, history and biography of Lorenzo Mendez.

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