El Fantasma Net Worth [2022] | Age, Height, Pack, Girlfriend

Alexander García, better known as “El Fantasma” is a singer, of the regional Mexican genre and corridos, originally from Las Cañas de Durango, Mexico.

El Fantasma

Full name:  Alexander García
Best Known:  El Fantasma
Birthdate April 4, 1992
Nationality:  Mexican
Zodiac sign:  Aries
Occupation:  Cantante
Net Worth: 2 million dollars
Children:  1
Height:  1.78 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Eye color:  Cafe
Skin color:  Blanca
Hair color:  Cafe
Sexual Preference:  Heterosexual

Biography of The El Fantasma

El Fantasma Net Worth

El Fantasma, as he is better known in the world of international music, has been one of the greatest revolutionaries in the corridos genre because he has a unique style that has characterized him in such a short time of his artistic career. At first, he was also known as “El Rey Del Underground” in all social networks because his success was only limited to social networks but in recent years his great popularity has grown in such a way that he is considered one of the greatest exponents in its genre.

The interpreter currently resides in Badiraguato, Sinaloa, where he continues to make his way among the most important exponents of the genre and he has achieved it because he has already been nominated in several awards.

The ghost has that name in music because that is how his family called him when he was just a child because he was the whitest member of all his relatives, that nickname he decided to keep and thus call himself in the world of the Show.

The compositions of El Fantasma have been characterized by being focused on a very special audience, those people who struggle to get their family ahead and with low resources but who have all the determination to continue advancing in life and have a good heritage. His unique style has been recognized within the corridos genre and the Mexican regional as many assure that he has something special in his way of creating songs, something that has distinguished him and that has made him reach where very few could only dream. El Fantasma has great admiration for other exponents of the same genre such as Lenin Ramírez, Legado 7, and Alta Consigna among others who were a fundamental part so that he could create his own style.

Beginnings in the life of El Fantasma

El Fantasma Net Worth

The ghost had a childhood like any other, he went to school and got good or acceptable grades but whenever he played with his friends he imagined that he was a recognized world-class singer, in fact when there were meetings or parties at his house he always did. He enlivened the audience by singing and delighting them with his powerful voice, even when at his school there was a talent contest or something where he could develop his skills, he always signed up to do it because he did not want to miss any opportunity that had to do with the singing.

When he was a teenager to earn a living and bring some money to his family who really needed income, he worked in gardening, however when he saw that he did not earn enough, but if he killed hours working he decided to emigrate to the United States to his 14 years and put his studies on hiatus and there he also came to do the same as here, he was mowing lawns in the Ontário, California area, which he was doing for 6 long years.

Along with working as a gardener, El Fantasma used to practice the guitar in his spare time and hone his skills himself as he had no one to help him, and he also began to create the first lyrics that would help him years later to be the base of the songs that is included in its first disc.

Artistic career and history of El Fantasma

His first steps as a singer of corridos and band music were at the beginning of 2016, through a meeting with one of the established groups in Mexico, Voz de Mando. Together with that group, Alexander García managed to stand out as a musical artistic figure of this genre.

But his breakthrough as a soloist was thanks to Afinartemusic, EL FANTASMA signed an exclusive contract in 2016 which opened the doors to reach more people by launching the first promotional track of his career called: “Mi 45” which would later be part of his debut album that was named: TEAM ARMED.

His first album “Equipo Armado” was made up of 15 songs, among which were big hits on the radio such as: “El Mayor”, “El Bicho” and “Fiel Compañero”, which has a real story and was born on the basis of his own experiences within his family and that he himself witnessed, in fact on many occasions El Fantasma has assured that his songs are not fictional and all have been part of the soundtrack of his personal life or even of people close to him.

In his beginnings in music Alexander García, managed to stand out in a big way under his pseudonym El Fantasma, being nominated for various awards and accolades such as the Latin Grammy, Radio Awards, also managing to enter the prestigious Billboard and LATINO monitor list where he arrived at the first places being one of the most famous artists in Mexico and the United States, he recently reached the award at iHeartRadio Music Award where he was nominated as ‘Best Regional Mexican Artist’.
As if that were not enough, he won the award for “The Most Outstanding Artist” in his genre in the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the traditional Carolina Carnival 2017, a celebration that included the company of other renowned artists such as Alex Ruiz and Aleida Nuñez.

A year later he released the song “Vengo a clarrar” (LIVE), he obtained the number 10 position in the list of Hot Latin Albums thus consolidating his career because it was very strange that a singer with only 2 years of having launched in the music could enter Billboard as one of the top record sellers.
The promotional single “Pain and Love” would come later, released in September 2018 through YouTube and reached more than 2 million views in a single day, followed by songs like “El Nano”, which achieved incredibly in less than a year 100 million downloads.

In December 2018, the singer from Durango El Fantasma premiered his album “Pa los Recuerdos” which was a tribute to Mexican music that includes hits by Luis Perez Meza, Antonio Aguilar and Chalino Sánchez, among others.
It was at the beginning of 2019 when El Fantasma premiered one of the songs that its audience liked the most due to its most personal theme, called “Enchanting” by Perla Limón Elenes, curiously the song was not a corrido, but had a theme of family, the music was composed by El Fantasma and the lyrics is by his wife and is dedicated to his daughter.
“Encantadora” was filmed in Culiacán, Sinaloa, and in it, we can see Alexander playing, singing, and dancing tenderly with a girl.

At the same time, he not only celebrated that all his successes were achieving millions and millions of views, but he was also nominated for the Premios Juventud in the category “The New Mexican Regional Generation.”

On May 31, 2019, he released the album EL CIRCO, which sends a message of perseverance and respect to his followers. From this record production, a theme with the same name emerges and is dedicated in the words of the singer: “To the clowns who today make fun of those who are below. Not because you are on top you have to offend others ”.
In October of the same year and without resting, the singer premiered “10 Kilates con Norteño“, an album with norteño music but completely recorded live, which was made in Culiacán, Sinaloa, in the company of Abel Bustillos.

The title of the album 10 KILATES WITH NORTEÑO, alludes to the ten songs that the album contains, which are songs from yesteryear that are here to stay. Some of the songs included in this record were “Valor y Sostengo”, “El Perseverante”, “Chalito”, “El Desquite”, “El Árbol de la Sombra”, “Lo del Agua al Agua”, “Que Caso Has “,” Que Mi Negra “,” La Pecosita “and” Si Apuesta “.

Interpretations of El Gallo Elizalde, Los Invasores de Nuevo León, and Los Cadetes de Linares make up this new album that many EL FANTASMA audiences had already requested for a long time.
In October 2019, he released the single “Valor y Sostengo” and commented in relation to this single on his social networks: “It is now available through all digital platforms! I hope and you like my people, a song with norteño for all the people who insisted that I take it out like that. A hug to all my people, I encourage ”.

Sadly, Alexander García “El Fantasma” in those days was forced to cancel his presentation due to health problems; the green corridos singer had to cancel his participation in Las Fiestas Charrotaurinas de Cuauhtémoc, Colima even though he already came with his entire production team to fulfill his concert, “We bring mariachis, accordions and a band, we try to put everything in it so that people can enjoy the show “, said the singer days before his event.

The singer had his Colima presentation scheduled where he went and was even almost ready to go on stage but had to be transferred to an emergency hospital in the region, due to a severe gastric ulcer that prevented him from performing at the last moment since he was willing to do it even with the discomfort but decided to prioritize his health.
The work team of “El Fantasma” and the interpreter sent a statement to all the followers who bought his ticket to see him at the event and that due to force majeure, the singer could not be present. Before this event, the singer commented: “A thousand apologies Colima We were already here, just that I could no longer bear the pain. Hopefully, friends will understand me. A hug for all, and the mere truth a thousand apologies. I hope to be with you on another date if God wants. ”

Another evil that El Fantasma went through in 2019 was being banned since the singer appeared in the Plaza de Toros Santa María but previously the state authorities had strictly forbidden him to refrain from singing corridos but since he has a report of practically that Musical genre could not do it, much less deny his fans to listen to the songs they are going to see him for, so the singer ignored him and appeared in the bullring and sang all his songs openly.
At the end of the event, a communication was sent where the authorities expressed their discontent and decided to veto it completely for future presentations and argued: “He sang songs that are not allowed, he was asked to deliver the repertoire before, he was asked to stick with it and he did not,” he explained At the time of revealing that they are reviewing the file to establish the financial sanction for the promoter, Gerardo Ortiz and Alfredo Olivas were other singers who were also sanctioned.

This did not take away the singer’s sleep and, omitting all the scandal through social networks, Alexander García, shared a small taste of his collaboration with Eden Muñoz, singer of Caliber 50, since El Fantasma also celebrated having reached a million followers on Instagram and did so with a message for his fans:
“3 years ago, I stopped working as an arborist, the adventure I have is very rare, but thanks to Afinarte Music for having approved this project that I bring, I remember as if it were yesterday when they told me if you want to sing you have to leave everything and dedicate himself to this music business to advance. “Imagine me, winning the daily, and adjusted, and leave everything to just see if it works, haha ​​there if this bastard, but to be able to overcome and get ahead, and that my family does not It lacks nothing, I ventured, I risked everything I had to stand out, and thank God, and my people have been firm for 3 years. Thank you all very much for so much love and support from my first day 1 and for a million followers, never let your dreams pass as fear, life gives you very few opportunities. Cheer up, friends. ”

The successes did not stop and he also appeared at the Doctor Moda fair in Guanajuato where he pleased the more than 18 thousand attendees for two hours, making the 2019 fair break attendance records.
El Fantasma took advantage of the fact that he was in the land of his favorite singer, José Alfredo Jiménez, and accompanied by the mariachi, he made the stage vibrate with the eternal hits such as: “Cuatro Caminos” and “La Vida No Vale Nada”.
In addition, the native of Las Cañas, Durango, is one of the few artists who has managed to reach all kinds of audiences: children, youth, and adults, he demonstrated it in his presentation this past Saturday in San Juan del Río, Querétaro, in where he was the artist who managed to get more than 25 thousand people to attend the fair.

At the end of 2019 through his social networks, El Fantasma said goodbye to his friend Panchito, who died due to an accident, and whom he met thanks to his friendship and work with Los Dos Carnales. Alexander García, the singer’s name, sent his condolences to Panchito’s relatives and thanked the group for presenting it to him. “Heaven has received our great friend Panchito! Rest in peace, my friend! My condolences to his family and to Los Dos Carnales, your great companions of the soul! Thanks to Los Dos Carnales for having introduced him to me, it was an honor for me to have met him! We are at your service Panchito and thanks for your attention! “, Published the star born in Durango.

The Phantom Pack

Although on social networks and on the internet, people look a lot for the pack of The Ghost or photos in which it can be seen with little clothes or in sensual poses, the truth is that nowadays there is no pack of The Ghost other than those photos that the artist has published on his own networks and that could be considered as sexy.

How much is the fortune of El Fantasma?

This is one of the questions that most people ask about El Fantasma and although they always end up answering it on other pages with “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention. El Fantasma has a fortune valued at more than $ 2 million tax-free and that undoubtedly makes this artist one of the highest-paid and highest-earning personalities in his country. He would only need a few million more to enter the top 100 of the highest-paid artists in his field.

Without a doubt, the career of this great star El Fantasma will continue to rise and we will be attentive to everything that happens around him, so we invite you to stay on our page for the next updates that we will have in life, trajectory, history, and biography of El Fantasma.

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