Kate Del Castillo Suffers An Accident: What Happened To Her?

Kate del Castillo had a great scare recently after suffering a spectacular fall on the recording set of the series “Armas de Mujer”, produced by Telemundo for the Peacock platform.

Through the stories of her official account on Instagram, the Mexican actress assured that the ligaments of the little finger of her right hand were torn as a result of the spectacular fall she suffered while recording the series “Armas de Mujer”.

Del Castillo mentioned that everything happened after her bag got entangled with one of her heels, so when she walked she lost her balance and resulted in the floor with all the weight of her body on her right hand, which caused the injury to her little finger.

Shortly after the fall, the interpreter reappeared on social networks showing a splint that had been put on her little finger to treat the injury she suffered.

Del Castillo was operated on for the injury to her finger

A couple of hours ago, Kate del Castillo announced on her official Instagram account that she was in a hospital to undergo surgery for the injury to her finger. However, Del Castillo reiterated that the procedure would be very simple.

“I am in the hospital, in the end, they will have to operate on my little finger, but it is something very simple. It’s so I don’t get crooked. It is only local anesthesia, there I am going to pass reports on how my finger is, “said the actress.

After leaving the operating room, the star spoke again on her Instagram profile to report on the result of the operation: “My little finger look at how beautiful it looks and I slept deliciously. Right now I can take away the ‘drugs’ he told you more about, but thanks to all of you ”.

The actress is one of the protagonists of “Armas de Mujer”

Kate del Castillo is one of the stars of the series “Armas de Mujer”, produced by Telemundo Global Studios exclusively for the Peacock streaming platform. In the project, the Mexican shares credits with personalities such as Roselyn Sánchez, Sylvia Sáenz and Jeimy Osorio.

Del Castillo plays the character of “Angela,” the wife of the cartel’s accountant and fortuitous leader of the group of women who have gone from being a carefree wife to using every weapon at their fingertips just to survive.

Created by José Luis Acosta, the series “Armas de Mujer” focuses on the lives of four women who live a real nightmare after learning that the police arrested their husbands for being linked to a very dangerous criminal organization. Accustomed to a life of abundance, they will now need to join forces in an unusual way.

So far, the Peacock platform has not announced the premiere of “Armas de Mujer”, one of its great original productions that promise to conquer the Spanish-speaking audience with the action plot.

Kate del Castillo had not worked with Telemundo on a dramatic production since ending her participation in the second season of the series “La Reina del Sur” in 2019, a project that positioned itself as the leader in the audience in the United States.

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