Enrique Guzmán Reveals That Alejandra Guzmán Could Have Covid-19

It was Enrique Guzmán, father of the singer, who announced the news on his Twitter account

After being in contact with Mimí de Flans, who has covid-19, Enrique Guzmán revealed that his daughter Alejandra could have been infected with the coronavirus.

Some celebrities have revealed they have given positive test covid-19, recently Ivonne Montero unveiled and one that also infected was Mimí Flans, who had to stop attending your program to prevent further cases of coronavirus However, Enrique Guzmán and his daughter Alejandra were in contact with her, which is why the interpreter of “Bad grass” could have SARS-CoV-2.

According to an interview he offered to the De Primera Mano program,  Enrique Guzmán said that a few days ago Alejandra and he went to the program that Mimi conducts, who until that moment still did not know that he had covid-19.

So far it is known that the Flans singer came out positive for the coronavirus test, both father and daughter are concerned, however, Enrique Guzmán mentioned that Alejandra Guzmán could have covid-19.

The singer of “Payasito” said that he recently spoke with his daughter, who mentioned that she has a severe headache, which could indicate that she has coronavirus.

“I am vaccinated, but my daughter is not, I just spoke with her and she has a lot of headaches, we are very worried. Your covid-19 test is done today ”.

As he said in the interview, Enrique Guzmán received the first dose of the covid-19 vaccine on February 15, so he said that he is not worried about his health, but about that of his daughter.

The former member of the Teen Tops commented that he is waiting to receive the second dose of the anticovid vaccine.

“It worries me, the joke is that everyone else is vaccinated and not just me. The second stage of the vaccine is at the end of this month ”.

Finally, in the De Primera Mano program, they assured that Alejandra Guzmán had already done two covid-19 tests which were negative, however, so far the singer has not denied or confirmed this

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