Jaime Cruz, Vocalist Of ‘Zona Rika’, Shot To Death In Ecatepec

STATE OF MEXICO.– Jaime Cruz Pastrana, the vocalist of the tropical and merengue group Zona Rika, was executed as he left his girlfriend’s house in Colonia Jardines de Morelos, Flores Section, in the municipality of Ecatepec, on Friday night.

“El Jimmy”, as he was known in the musical group, was executed on Azucenas Street by armed individuals who shot him more than a dozen times from a motorcycle, and then escaped without

After being shot in the back, the singer of “Los Reyes del Merengue” fell on the sidewalk in front of a parked car. The victim wore a white T-shirt, blue jeans, white tennis shoes, and a black cap. After the shooting, some neighbors called the authorities by phone to report the crime.

Municipal paramedics who arrived at the site of the attack tried to help him, but “El Jimmy” died almost instantly due to the shots he received in the back.

Municipal police officers who arrived at the site, guarded the place until the experts from the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico were in charge of lifting the body, to transfer it to the Ecatepec amphitheater where the investigations are carried out.

At the beginning of October 2009, the representative of Zona Rika, Antonio Flores, “El Pericas”, was also assassinated, during an alleged robbery attempt in the Morelos neighborhood of Mexico City.

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