They assassinate him in Ecatepec. ‘Los Reyes del Merengue, as the group ‘Zona Rika’ is known, are in mourning for their vocalist.

At dawn on Saturday, February 20, the images of the lifeless body of Jaime Cruz, vocalist of the group ‘Zona Rika’, went viral.

Criminal acts do not stop even in a pandemic, and less so in Ecatepec, one of the most dangerous municipalities in the State of Mexico.

There, on Azucenas Street, in the Jardines de Morelos neighborhood, the body of Jaime Cruz Pastrana, singer of the merengue group ‘Zona Rika’, was found.

According to the first reports, the alleged murderers were held aboard a motorcycle.

Apparently, Jaime Cruz left his home and the subjects shot him. More than 8 percussion caps were located in the area.

Warning, sensitive images.

Jaime Cruz continued working with the Zona Rika group, and a few months ago they participated in ‘Venga la feliz’.

In addition, they entertained the New Year’s celebrations on the special TV Azteca program.

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