Isabel Martínez “La Tarabilla” Died: How Did The Mexican Actress Die?

The entertainment world is in mourning again, this after the unfortunate news of the death of Mexican actress Isabel Martínez at 74 years of age was released.

The news of Martínez’s death was confirmed through a press release issued by the Casa del Actor: “We deeply regret the death of our beloved colleague María Isabel Martínez Moreno, ‘La Tarabilla’, who died today, August 7 at 7:15 AM, due to myocardial infarction. She lived her last days accompanied by her companions, guests and caretakers of the Casa del Actor. Our condolences to her family, friends and fans ”.

The outstanding performer began her artistic career in 1975 with her participation in important comedy programs such as “Mi secretaria”, “Salón de belleza”, “El hospital de la risa” and “Bajo el mismo techo”.

Isabel Martínez was part of successful soap operas such as “Carita de angel”, “Gotita de amor”, “Rafaela”, “Velo de novia”, “Alma rebelde”, “Long live the children!”, “María la del barrio” and “Hearts to the limit”.

Martínez had a consolidated love relationship for more than thirty years with the Colombian comedian Pompín Iglesias, who died in 2007. The couple is the parents of a son in common: Alfonso Iglesias “Pompín III”.

The first Mexican actress lived her last years of life at the headquarters of the Casa del Actor in Mexico City, according to information reviewed by journalist Álex Kaffie.

Why was Isabel Martínez popularly known as “La Tarabilla”?

The Mexican newspaper Milenio announced that Isabel Martínez was known as “La Tarabilla” for her ability to speak quickly, alluding to the meaning of the word that refers to a person who speaks “a lot and haphazardly.”

Martínez was an outstanding actress who was part of around forty television productions, thirteen films, and twenty-five plays.

The Mexican interpreter participated in the television series Lorenza in 2019, this being her last project in the television industry.

Mexican personalities mourned the death of Isabel Martínez, “La Tarabilla”

Various personalities of Mexican entertainment spoke through digital platforms to mourn the unfortunate death of Isabel Martínez, one of the most representative actresses in the industry.

“Rest in peace Isabel Martínez, ‘La Tarabilla’, I will miss your laugh, your warmth, your presence so much. Lots of light on your way, ”said actress Raquel Garza .

“RIP the beloved actress Isabel Martínez, ‘La Tarabilla’. My condolences to her family, “said actor Eduardo España .

“Very sad for the death of my great Isabel Martínez, ‘La Tarabilla’. Always a happy, positive woman, extraordinary human being. I enjoyed long hours on the phone laughing at her witticisms. She was one of the first artists to support me. RIP ”, assured journalist Rodrigo Fragoso.

“Rest in peace, dear friend and companion. You are now close to the love of your life POMPÍN IGLESIAS who loved you so much and you loved him. God Our Lord give us your eternal rest and perpetual light for you. Amen, “said actress Carmen Salinas.

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