Enrique Rocha Died: What Was His Cause Of Death?

The actor Enrique Rocha passed away this Sunday, leaving a legacy of more than 30 soap operas and movies

Considered by the public as the man with the most sensual voice in Mexico, Enrique Rocha captivated viewers for more than 50 years, thanks to his film, television, and theater appearances.

The actor, who died this Sunday at 81 due to unknown causes, participated in more than 30 soap operas, in which he gave life, mostly, to antagonistic characters .

He was born on January 5, 1940, in Silao, Guanajuato, and unlike other great stars on the small screen, it was not his dream to dedicate himself to acting. His career in theater began by chance at the age of 21, when he accompanied a friend of his to a rehearsal for the play “ Despertar de la primavera ”, directed by Juan José Gurrola.

While there, the director asked him to go on stage while Juan Ibáñez, who starred in the play, arrived at the theater. When he saw him on stage, Gurrola realized the power of his voice , and his great ease in getting into character invited him to permanently replace the actor.

Television and theater, part of Enrique Rocha’s life

From there he began to venture into the theater, being ” Hamlet ” the most representative title of that stage of his life. In 1965 his first television break came when Ernesto Alonso invited him to star in “ La mentira ”, where he shared credits with figures such as Fanny Cano and Julissa.

This was followed by other melodramas such as “Mundo de juguete”, “Cuando los hijos se van”, “Pasión y poder”, “Dos mujeres y un camino”, “Serafín”, “Rebelde”, “El privilegio de amar”, “Amores verdaderos” y “Me declaro culpable”.

His roles as a villain earned him five ” TV y Novelas ” awards throughout his career, as well as an El Heraldo de México Award in 2003 for Best First Actor , thanks to his participation in ” En las vias del amor .”

Although on screen he always showed a serious profile, in his numerous encounters with the press, he always expressed that for him the performance was like a game, which ended the moment the cameras were turned off or the curtain was lowered. For this reason, he always had fun being on set, and whenever he had a chance to see himself on screen, he even confessed that he laughed at himself .

The same year that he made his television debut, he also had his first film appearance, with the film “ Guadalajara en verano ”. But it was months later when he appeared in a project that he considered one of the most challenging of his career: ” The Christ Process .”

” Rochón “, as he was known in the artistic world, did not understand how a young man of only 24 years old could have the responsibility of giving life to Jesus , since he considered that it was an honor that only people with a long career could have. But that project paid off, and he opened the doors with Arturo Ripstein, who invited him to join his film ” Time to die .”

Among his 30 films are “Modisto de señoras”, “El monasterio de los buitres”, “Morir en el golfo”, “Ciudad de ciegos”, “Mujeres infieles”, y la adaptación en “live action” de “El libro de la selva”, where he gave voice to Bagheera.

After the news of his death, figures such as José Ron, the producer Reynaldo López, and the journalist René Franco, expressed their condolences through their social networks.

“I remember the day I met Enrique Rocha. He was on the floor showing rap steps. I couldn’t believe seeing the greatest villain in the novels doing that. Pure fun and joy. Thanks for everything, Rochón, ” wrote actress Gaby Platas, on his Twitter account.

As of press time, his family has not commented, but one of his employees reported that more details will be released in the next few hours.

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