Eleazar Gómez Received Probation For Three Years

The Mexican actor and singer Eleazar Gómez obtained his parole this Thursday after his ex-partner, the Peruvian singer Stephanie Valenzuela accepted the damages he offered him after four months of having started a complaint about family violence.

“It is an important day because in honor of the truth Eleazar has finally acknowledged his guilt over me and in front of the judge and as a result has obtained his conditional release for three years,” Valenzuela told the media outside the offices of the Judicial Power of Mexico City.

The singer also assured that Gómez will have to undergo psychological treatment for three years and will have to comply with the other conditions imposed by the judge in which she did not have any decision.

However, he pointed out that the actor will give the necessary details at a press conference about what happened in a week.

“From today nobody will be able to question what I denounced because he and the judge have already accepted it and I think that from now on I will be able to continue with my life,” said the Peruvian model.

On November 5, 2020, Valenzuela was the victim of physical attacks by her then-partner, Eleazar Gómez, an actor in soap operas such as “Dare to dream” (2009).

Gómez was arrested in Mexico City after neighbors called the police after hearing Valenzuela’s cries for help, whom he tried to strangle and injure various parts of the body.

The events unleashed a series of accusations by colleagues and ex-partners of the actor, who also characterized him as a violent and aggressive person.

Despite pleas from the family and the actor himself to grant forgiveness, the Peruvian model remained firm in the face of her accusations and the complaint that led to Gómez in jail.


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