Famous Presenter Valentina Arbeláez Dies At 25

The young woman who suffered a stroke in 2014 lost the battle with severe hydrocephalus.

At 25, the young Valentina Arbeláez, who worked as a presenter on Citytv and was part of some children’s programs, died in the last hours due to a brain disease that had plagued her since 2014 when she had a stroke.

During this period, she was diagnosed with severe hydrocephalus, and from that moment on, her parents took care of her care.

Her mother María Eugenia Ramírez affirmed then: “It occurred as a result of a silent cyst that she had and we had never noticed because she had never had such a severe headache.”

Valentina fought day and night against the terrible disease in the company of her family who also made a great effort to save her life.

The disease caused complete paralysis in the body. Her parents carried out some campaigns on social networks to make the disease visible and collect funds for her recovery.

The last time Arbeláez published on Instagram was in 2014, the period when the martyrdom that today has her resting began.

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