El Rudo Rivera Died At The Age Of 68

Mexico City.- Arturo Rivera el “Rudo” died at the age of 68, as reported by his colleagues from Televisa, who said goodbye in a very emotional way.

The causes of his death are unknown; however, six days ago, colleagues and relatives reported that blood donors were requested for the historic chronicler. The “Rudo”, iconic voice of wrestling in Mexico, was in charge of giving color to the combats in the quadrilaterals of the pancracio mexicano.

Although his career in sports journalism began with soccer in the early 1990s, an absence brought him closer to narrating wrestling, where he became a figure of the pankration.

The World Wrestling Council was his home at first, but shortly after he became the legendary voice of Lucha Libre AAA, a company founded in 1992.

Dozens of colleagues and people from Mexican Wrestling have dedicated words to “Rudo”, after his death.

“With great sadness in our hearts, we mourn the sensitive death of Arturo ‘El Rudo’ Rivera. His iconic voice was part of Lucha Libre AAA since its foundation, making school in the sports chronicle worldwide. Rest in peace.”, Marisela published. Peña, president of this luchistic group.

The sports journalist Alberto Lati published: “What a strong pain to learn of the death of the endearing Arturo Rivera. Unrepeatable, authentic, noble, unconditional, generous, unique grace character. From now on, the cry for the rude ones is heard from heaven. Thanks for So much, friend. Rest in peace.”

“My children, it is difficult to express the deep sadness caused by the death of my dear and unforgettable friend and companion Arturo ‘El Rudo’ Rivera. A big hug to his family and loved ones, wishing him a speedy resignation. 3:15 will never return to be equal…”, the sportswriter “Pepe” Segarra, Rivera’s partner on television and radio, wrote on his Twitter.

For his part, Antonio de Valdés wrote: “My dear Arturo ‘Rudo’ Rivera, less than 2 months ago we were celebrating the triumph of Atlante together and you gave me this great interview! Rest in Peace.”

“Rest in peace, my dear Rudo Rivera. I will always thank you for having sheltered me in my beginnings and the good moments that you made us spend with your good humor. I hug your children and grandchildren with love,” Enrique Burak wrote.

“It is with great sadness that I learn of the death of Rudo Rivera, the beloved “Rudo.” A life full of smiles, and a deep love for his children and sports journalism,” Javier Alarcón wrote.

Even the Atlante soccer team, of which Rivera was a fan, spoke to offer condolences on his Twitter: “The Atlante Soccer Club deeply regrets the death of Arturo “Rudo” Rivera, iconic commentator and fan without equal. Our most sincere condolences to his family and friends. RIP.”

The emblematic phrases of Rudo

Arturo Rivera earned the nickname “Rudo” because in his narrations he showed favoritism to the “evil” corner.

This idea arose together with Dr. Alfonso Morales, Rivera proposed that he would support the rude and Morales the technicians, a duo that marked Mexican wrestling with their great narratives, full of emotion and inventiveness, capable of transmitting the emotion of ring like few.

The “Rudo” narrated functions of the World Wrestling Council and AAA Wrestling; however, after several years, both companies vetoed him and he devoted himself more to radio and television work.

However, wrestling fans will remember the phrases with which Rivera gave humor and emotion to the pancracio mexicano. He will be remembered for phrases.

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