How Did Destinee Lashaee Die? What Was Her Cause Of Death?

Broadcasted on TLC, Dr. Destinee Lashaee, who participated in the program “My 600-lb Life” about Nowzaradan’s weight loss surgeries, passed away. Yildiz is thought to have committed suicide.

The sadness is great, as is the horror. Reality TV darling Destinee LaShaee is dead. The trans star has apparently committed suicide. Most recently, Destinee said, “I can feel it killing me.”

Destinee LaShaee, the first trans star of TLC’s My 600-lb Life, has died. The death of the reality star, who also went by the name Matthew Ventress, was confirmed by her brother Wayne Compton in a Facebook post. What he doesn’t say explicitly, but can be inferred from her words, is the probable cause of Destinee LaShaee’s death.

Destinee LaShaee is dead: “My 600-lb Life” star apparently commits suicide.

The post, which suggests suicide was the cause of death, reads: “I’m sorry you felt alone, I’m sorry you felt like you had no one to turn to “I’m sorry you felt like you had no other choice. Destiny wouldn’t have wanted that. Lord why do you keep taking my siblings from me how much can I take,” Compton wrote.

She also published numerous photos with Destinee LaShaee and her sister Destiny, who died just a year ago. The reality star starred in the seventh season of the docu-soap My 600-lb Life. At the time, the trans star weighed over 315 kilograms. In the aftermath of the show, the aspiring influencer lost over 500 pounds and served as an inspiration to her fans.

Destinee LaShaee Battled Depression: ‘There’s No Way I’m Surviving Much Longer’

Most recently, the TV star also commented on her Facebook account about the fight against depression. “I pray for anyone who is struggling in any way that you keep fighting, know that you are beautiful and strong and can do and be anything you want and dream. Dreaming is free, love is free, and most important is that God is free,” the post continues. “I’ve lived my life for so long with so much pain that I’ve realized that God doesn’t make mistakes, I’m thankful for my journey and everything I’ve been through, I don’t regret a single moment. Love you all.”, Destinee LaShaee wrote there.

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