Edwin Vásquez, Son Of Javier Vásquez, Dies In Tragic Accident

Edwin Vásquez was in the middle of a promotional tour for his most recent song “Mentira” when he suffered an accident

Singer  Javier Vásquez shared on his Instagram account that his youngest son Edwin had died after a tragic accident.

“Today a little piece of my heart has been torn out by your early departure. Your energy, your joy, and your musical projects have been silenced here on earth. In the midst of the sadness and tears that overwhelm the family, we thank you for all the moments that we live with you, a beloved son. ”, Writes the singer.

According to his manager Cristhian Tovar; Edwin Vásquez was in the middle of a promotional tour for his latest song “Mentira”, when he suffered a traffic accident, some sources confirm.

Some media report that the Colombian singer was found in a medical center in Mexico City where he died. Hours later the news was confirmed with the statement of Javier Vásquez on his Twitter and Instagram account.

This would be the third loss of the interpreter of “Drops of rain”, because in February of this year his son Andrés Fernando, who was at his residence in Neiva, was found dead. And it was in that same home that years ago another of Javier’s children died.

Several followers, friends, family, and the media sent their condolences to the Colombian family through social networks.


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