Fernando Karadima Died At The Age Of 90

At the age of 90, the religious Fernando Karadima died, expelled from the priesthood after it was proven that he committed sexual crimes.

The death occurred Sunday night at the Hogar San Juan de Dios and, according to his death certificate, he died of bronchopneumonia, kidney failure, diabetes mellitus, and high blood pressure.

A few weeks ago, Karadima had attended the emergency room of the Clinical Hospital of the Catholic University, where he could not be admitted immediately due to the high occupancy of beds due to covid-19. At that time he suffered from heart problems

Flagship case

The story of Karadima was one of the emblematic cases of the Chilean Catholic Church in the matter of sexual abuse, in an edge that ended up hitting even Pope Francis.

Everything came to light in 2010, when Juan Carlos Cruz, James Hamilton, and José Andrés Murillo denounced for the first time in the media the harassment suffered at the hands of Karadima in the El Bosque parish in Providencia.

The revelation led to a canonical investigation that found the former guilty. His condemnation was the prohibition of exercising the priesthood and retiring to a life of prayer and penance .

However, the Chilean justice determined that his crimes had been prescribed, although the occurrence of these was accredited.

These decisions did not leave the victims happy, who continued to insist on seeking justice and sued the Archdiocese of Santiago to seek civil sanction. Finally, a compensation of $ 441 million was determined that was not appealed by the church .

Francisco’s visit

But the annoyance did not stop there. Pope Francisco visited Chile in 2018, where he met with strong protests by sexual abuse by members of the Catholic Church and the concealment of these.

For example, there is the case of Juan Barros, former bishop of Osorno and who was a disciple of Karadima. His appointment sparked demonstrations in the south of the country as he was accused of covering up and witnessing the crimes.

Barros remained firm in his post, but his presence at the Pope’s acts was the last straw. After a question from Radio Bío Bío , the church leader pointed out that he needed to see evidence to take action on him.

The criticisms of his sayings were such that the Argentine decided to look for such evidence and sent Bishop Charles Scicluna to our country to investigate what was happening in the local church with sexual abuse.

All this ended with the departure of Barros from his post, but also of other of his colleagues after an unprecedented trip by all the bishops to the Vatican, which culminated in all of them making their positions available.

Ultimately, Francis determined to expel Karadima from the priesthood, increasing the punishment against him.


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