Carlos Medrano Dies In An Accident In Irapuato

The renowned motorcyclist and TRX instructor, Carlos Medrano, died this Sunday in a road accident where two other people were injured.

Irapuato, Guanajuato .- A lover of speed, the gym, motorcycling and sports in general, the renowned motorcyclist and TRX and Spinning instructor , Carlos Medrano, died in a road accident.

The young man lost his life this Sunday afternoon after his track motorcycle crashed into another motor unit when both were circulating on the federal highway Silao – Irapuato in front of the Lienzo Charro of “Isidro Rico . ”

In the same accident, two more people were seriously injured; however, Carlos Medrano died almost instantly despite wearing all the safety equipment, leaving his body on the asphalt strip of the road.

They mourn the death of Carlos Medrano in networks

In social networks, family, friends and acquaintances, including presidents of civil associations, public image consultants and dozens of Irapuatenses panistas, lamented the tragedy on the Facebook profile of the young man, who also sold cars. “My Charly, I sometimes fail to understand the destinies of God. Not even to express what my heart feels.

Just thank you for all those tips, for every word of encouragement when I came to the spin with a droopy face. It was a pleasure meeting you, thank you for joining in this life. My coach, my friend, you will live in my heart. Rest in Peace ” , reads a comment.

“Medrano: I can’t find words to express my feelings. You lived so many things to your liking, what you wanted. It was a pleasure meeting you in this life, a great human being. I love you a xingo. I still do not believe it. I will miss you always and every moment. Rest in peace. A kiss to heaven ” , reads another publication.

“See you soon friend, counselor, good person. My dear, we are going to miss you ” , were some of the comments posted by those who knew Carlos Medrano while he was alive .

“Cheerful, willing to help, gentle and confident ” are some of the qualities and characteristics with which Paco, Carlos’s friend and close student, will remember him.

Carlos Medrano , who used to participate in filming in and out of Guanajuato, and even in different parts of the country, was recognized by different sectors for the human quality with which he developed.

It is expected that in the next few hours, the body of the young motorcyclist himself who remains in the SEMEFO of Irapuato , will be delivered to the relatives in order to give him an eternal burial.

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