Ariadne Diaz Was Infected Again With Coronavirus: How Is The Actress?

Ariadne Diaz, known for her participation in the telenovela “La doble vida de Estela Carrillo”, joins the list of personalities in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry who have recently been infected with Coronavirus. However, the diagnosis of the Mexican actress comes less than twelve months after her first infection with the virus.

Through the stories of her account on Instagram, Diaz announced the news of her contagion: “They remember that he had already given me and thank God it went very well, but… how can they believe? I can’t believe it, but it hit me again. I had COVID again (…) It hit me stronger this second time than the first, but nothing that couldn’t be solved at home and I’m already very well ”.

The 34-year-old interpreter continued to mention: “I feel very fortunate that despite having dealt with this twice, on both occasions I was saturating very well and the second time I did have a terrible and terrible body ache… But in all things always I was fine, that is something I am very grateful for and something for which I am very grateful to my body for being well, for having freed it and feeling good ”.

Diaz stressed that one of the things that she is most grateful for having recovered satisfactorily from COVID-19 for the second time is that both her son and her husband, actor Marcus Ornellas, did not become infected with the virus: “It is worth mentioning that of the things that The most grateful they make me feel is that this kid and her dad have both been negative both times, both times they have felt perfect, that is something that makes me feel very happy and grateful with life ”.

At present, Ariadne Diaz is free of any type of risk in relation to the Coronavirus and has resumed her daily activities in the company of her family in Mexico City.

Ariadne Diaz announced her first diagnosis with COVID-19 in December 2020

At the beginning of December 2020, Ariadna Diaz revealed through her social networks that she had been infected with COVID-19. However, the actress did not disclose the exact date of her positive diagnosis for the virus.

Diaz mentioned at the time that he felt “bad from one day to the next”, so he chose to undergo a diagnostic test for COVID-19 to know exactly if he was a carrier of the virus. On the other hand, the Mexican star assured them that her husband and son were free from any type of contagion.

After her recovery, Ariadne Diaz urged her followers to comply with social distancing and the correct use of masks to prevent the numbers of people infected with the virus from continuing to increase drastically in Mexico.

Danna García is another of the entertainment personalities who have been infected with COVID-19 on more than one occasion

Danna Garcia, known for her participation in the telenovela “Pasión de Gavilanes”, was infected with COVID-19 three times. Despite her diagnosis, the actress managed to get away with it on all three occasions.

In mid-May 2020, Garcia announced the news on his official account on Instagram: “I am once again positive for Coronavirus. I am speechless. Thank you all for your support”.

At that time, the Colombian star described what she had experienced since March 2020 as a “nightmare” after being diagnosed for the first time with the virus.

In the month of June 2020, Danna Garcia admitted that fluid retention and hair loss were some of the many consequences that had remained after recovering from the Coronavirus. During her contagion with the virus, the interpreter chose to isolate herself to prevent her loved ones from being exposed.

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