After being hospitalized in Florida in January, the actor died this Monday at the age of 44. The artist battled stage 4 lung cancer

Dustin Diamond, known for playing Samuel “Screech” Powers in the hit comedy “Saved by the Bell,” died Monday morning after a month in hospital from stage four lung cancer. . He was 44 years old.

According to the TMZ portal, the actor’s representative, Roger Paul, reported that “his condition had greatly worsened since last week, and he was taken off respirators in an attempt to take him to palliative care.”

The aforementioned media also noted that the actor’s girlfriend “was by his side when he died.”

“We are saddened to confirm the passing of Dustin Diamond due to carcinoma. He was diagnosed with this relentless malignant cancer just three weeks ago. In that time, it managed to spread rapidly throughout your system. Dustin did not suffer. He did not have to remain submerged in pain. For that we are grateful, “said the actor’s representative to People magazine.

Dustin Diamond
Dustin Diamond / Photo

In mid-January, it was revealed that the actor had been admitted to a Florida hospital awaiting diagnosis, which was reported to have stage 4 lung cancer.

Diamond’s representative had reported that the interpreter was receiving treatment, including chemotherapy sessions, and that the situation was serious.

Diamond began his career with small roles in the television movie “Yogi’s Great Escape” and an episode of “It’s a Living” in 1987, but only a year later took on the role that would make him known. On “Good Morning, Miss Bliss,” she played Screech for 13 episodes. The show would become the basis for “Saved by the Bell,” in which Diamond acted. for four seasons until 1992 and later joined the spin-off of “Saved by the Bell: The College Years.”

Dustin Diamond Died
Dustin Diamond in “Saved by the Bell”

He was also a member of the spin-off ‘Saved by the Bell: (‘Saved by the Bell: The College Years’)

Diamond was the only member of the original cast who was not called in last year for the relaunch of the series through the Peacock platform, although the other actors noted that the door was open.

After the end of the series, his personal life went through some ups and downs.

In 2015, he was sentenced to four months in prison for an altercation in Wisconsin with a stabbing in between and five years earlier he faced difficulties with his mortgage payment.

In 2009 he published a biography, ‘Behind the Bell’, in which he did not paint a friendly portrait of his former co-stars, of which he would later regret, as he confessed in 2016 in an interview he gave to Mario Lopez, who was precisely part of the show.

Diamond confessed to his former partner that the book was written by another person who interviewed him and later fabricated many of the allegations made in the publication that had to do with drugs and sex.

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