Amparo Higuera From ‘Las Jilguerillas’ Passed Away At 84

The news of the death of Amparo Higuera Juarez was released through the official account of Las Jilguerillas. We tell you what we know.

Amparo Higuera Juarez , vocalist of Las Jilguerillas , died at 84, as reported by the official website of the Mexican regional duo. We tell you what we know about this singer who together with her sister revolutionized music in Michoacan and in various Mexican entities. The news of the death of Amparo Higuera Juárez was released through the official account of Las Jilguerillas. Without giving details about the causes of her death, the death was reported. “All friends, with great sadness we inform you that our beloved Amparo Higuera Juárez has passed away,” they wrote on the group’s page.

They also stressed that their musical legacy will continue to be present: “Now your musical legacy will remain forever, rest in Peace. Rest in peace Amparo, next to Imelda. Regional Mexican music and all its admirers are in mourning ”, they added on the Facebook page.

Who was  Amparo Higuera Juarez?

Amparo Higuera Juarez was a singer originally from Michoacan . Together with her sister – who has already died – she formed the Las Jilguerillas group in the municipality of Canada de Ramirez , the place where they grew up.

Imelda and Amparo also participated in the cinema with successful films such as Maldita Miseria, Que no me bese el Mariachi and El Rey.


Death of Imelda and Las Jilguerillas  A drastic change in the group came with the death of Imelda Higuera Juárez in 2004.

However, Amparo continued singing. Later, her friend Mercedes Castro joined, who to this day continued to give life to Las Jilguerillas.

Three years ago Amparo Higuera Juárez received recognition for her career. It was the government of the state of Michoacán that awarded him the 2017 Eréndira State Prize for the Arts.

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