The singer was admitted a few days ago, without revealing the reasons for her discomfort

The Mexican regional music is in mourning this Thursday and the death of Amparo Higuera Juarez, member of “Las Jilguerillas”, a highly recognized group in the country for their interpretations of El Novillo blunt and El Bato Gacho, was confirmed at the age of 84.

The sad news was shared from the official account of the ranchera music duet and where part of the trajectory of the renowned singer was highlighted.

“With great sadness, we inform you that our dear Amparo Higuera Juarez, has passed away,” they wrote on the social network this morning.

” Great songwriter and singer of ranchera music, who together with her sister Imelda formed the duet ‘Las Jilguerillas’. Now her musical legacy will remain forever, Rest in Peace ”, concluded the message.

Amparo Higuera Juarez Died

(Photo: Facebook of Las Jilguerillas)

It was at the beginning of this month when the singer’s health deteriorated and she remained hospitalized for several days, although so far neither the causes of death nor the reasons that led her to the hospital have been revealed.

In the duet’s social networks, it was explained that Amparo Higuera Juarez was delicate since the beginning of 2021, but they never lost faith that she would recover, so they asked for the help of their followers to make chains of prayers.

“Where there’s life there’s hope. God is big and powerful. God bless my partner Amparo from ‘Las Jilguerillas’. I want to thank you very much for your prayers Friends and Friends and Thank you for your support in these difficult times for your family, friends, fans, and for me who love her so much and she knows it. Blessings, “wrote on Facebook on January 6 Mercedes Castro, the other member of” Las Jilguerillas “and who came to the group after the death of Imelda, sister of the now deceased.

Mercedes herself asked a few days ago to continue with the chain of prayers so that Amparo would overcome this bump in her health, but she did not explain the reasons for her hospitalization.

Amparo Higuera Juarez Died

(Photo: Mercedes Castro’s Facebook)

“Las Jilguerillas” was a recognized Mexican regional duet made up of Amparo and Imelda Higuera Juarez , who rose to fame in the mid-50s with songs like Chaparrita consentida and Ojitos charming .

Thanks to their popularity they were able to venture into successful films from the golden age of Mexican cinema, such as El Rey, Maldita Miseria, and La Coyota, among many more.

In addition to their great legacy in Mexico, they also had a strong presence in the United States, where their success has continued to this day.

The group, originally from Cañada de Ramirez in the municipality of Numarán, in Michoacán, continued with its presence on the music scene until in 2004 it suffered a severe blow due to the death of Imelda Higuera Juarez.

The death of Amparo’s sister did not stop “Las Jilguerillas”, since Mercedes Castro was integrated into it, who until today supported the first voice of the female Mexican regional duet.

Amparo Higuera Juarez received recognition three years ago for her extensive career. The government of the state of Michoacan awarded the State Award for the Arts Erendira 2017 to the member of “Las Jilguerillas”

Mercedes Castro shared a post on Instagram.

Friends, I am very sad to announce that our Amparo Jilguerilla rests in Peace. I will miss you very much my partner and friend of a lifetime. I’m going to miss our events together, I’m going to miss our work and pleasure trips with the family, Your company, our calls at night to talk and laugh about so many things, months that we enjoyed at your company’s home my family and I, like birthdays, and special events at last so many beautiful memories. All my family loves you very much because you were our family and we are going to miss you very much. I thank God for allowing me to meet you, for your friendship and love that we had. You will always be in our hearts, Amparo. Although with much sadness and much pain I know that you are already resting peace with our God father and creator🙏❤️ Your companion and friend forever, Mercedes Castro❤️. she wrote.

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