Actor Mauricio Ochmann’s Father Dies

Mauricio Ochmann is in mourning after the sad news of the death of Don Guillermo, his first adoptive father, was released. Through his official account on Instagram, the actor spoke to honor the memory of his first father figure.

“Two days ago my first adoptive father left, a very special being for me, a being who was a great teacher and filled me with life teachings throughout his stay on this earthly plane,” Ochmann confessed in the first fragment of its publication.

The interpreter continued by mentioning: “Yesterday I had to see him for the last time before cremating him. When I saw him physically, he was no longer there in that inert body, but his presence was next to me, hugging me as he always did, those bear hugs that gave from the day he adopted me.

When referring to his close relationship with his first adoptive father, the actor explained: “We had a very peculiar and very ours history from the moment I came into his life until the day he left, but above all we had a very deep, special and full of love.”

“Fly and fly high my dear teacher, that’s how we liked to say to ourselves. I love you dad ”, concluded Ochmann to say goodbye to his father in an emotional publication on his profile on Instagram.

According to the magazine Who , Mauricio Ochmann was abandoned by his biological parents at the time of his birth, for which he was later adopted by Maria and her husband Guillermo, whom the actor considered one of the most important people in his life.

Who reported that Ochmann announced on Don Francisco’s program that Guillermo and Maria divorced when he was two years old, so he stayed to live with his mother and later they moved to Mexico where she married for the second occasion with a German man named Thomas Ochmann, who became his second adoptive father and gave him his last name.

Despite his mother’s separation from Guillermo , Mauricio Ochmann maintained a very good relationship with his first adoptive father at all times, so his death has plunged him into deep sadness in the midst of the New Year’s Eve celebrations.

Ochmann currently resides in Mexico City and Los Angeles, cities where he has been working entirely on his artistic projects in the acting industry.

Mauricio Ochmann separated from his partner in 2020

In June 2020, Mauricio Ochmann filed for divorce from Aislinn Derbez after four years of marriage. At that time, the couple had already been physically separated since mid-March, the date on which they announced their separation through a press release on Instagram.

Ochmann and Derbez are the parents of a daughter in common: Kailani, who was born on February 25, 2018 in California. Since their separation, the couple have maintained a very good friendship for the well-being of their little girl.

Mauricio Ochmann has not been romantically related to another figure in the Spanish-speaking entertainment industry since his split from Aislinn Derbez.

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