Although he is well hidden from social networks, Mauricio Ochmann continues in his work as an actor. His last project was the ‘R’ series and look how much he made.

The American actor Mauricio Ochmann, returned to work on the action series thanks to the black humor project called ‘R’. On this occasion, Mauricio Ochmann, gave life to a quite calm man who decides to start living his life in an intense way when he receives the news that he only has one month left to live.

In this series for the Claro Video platform composed of 10 chapters, the actor Mauricio Ochmann had the opportunity to return to the small screen after his remembered character from ‘El Chema’ and his participation in the series ‘The Lord of the Skies’, participation that pleased his fans who had lost track of him. 

And although at the moment a second season of the series ‘R’ has not been confirmed, through a transmission made today from the instagram of the magazine ‘Caras’, Mauricio Ochmann had the opportunity to reveal that on his part as actor he is fully willing to take on the challenge once again if requested by the Paramount Network production. 

Regarding his finances, according to the portal ‘Let’s talk about telenovelas’ where the salaries for projects of some prominent celebrities such as Mauricio Ochmann are broken down, the American actor would be receiving the amount of 40 thousand to 120 thousand dollars for each episode of the series ‘R’.

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