Spanish Gamer Sisi Nono Dies Due To Covid

The gamer Sisi Nono died last Saturday, the victim of the coronavirus disease contracted in February. Her son Rubén announced her death through social media accounts.

Rubén thanked the love and support of the followers of the Spanish streamer, with 34,700 subscribers on her YouTube channel : “I want to thank you for having made her so happy in recent months and for having made her dream come true.”

Her son has dedicated some endearing words to her: “Mom, I want you to know that for me you are a champion and I know that you have done everything you can. Wherever you are I want you to know that I love you and that I will not stop thinking about you. I know that you will take care of us and you will always be present. “

And he has also asked that YouTubers not disseminate recordings about the death of the gamer: “Out of respect for the family, I ask you please do not make videos of the subject. My brother is very young and we would not like him to be able to meet with such a video in the future. “

In the statement, Rubén explains that her mother “has fought against the covid with all her might, but there are times that it is not enough and unfortunately she has not been able to take any more. Yesterday was a very sad day but she can finally rest.” 

The  Youtuber Rubius has been dismissed from the gamer through his Twitter account: “I’m speechless Thank you for always being so cheerful and with a smile at all times, for being so genuine and shared many good times with us. with the chat, since we met you in GTA RP until now. We will never forget you. A lot of strength for the family. “

El Rubius, who acknowledges that “he is a bit touched” by her death, has also commented on the loss in a video. “I only have nice words. She was always cheerful and content. She was one of the most genuine people I have ever met in my life.”

The streamer Alkapone also mourned her death: “How difficult it is to receive such terrible news. I knew her little, but at that time she conquered the entire race and a servant. We will miss her incredible humor, the excellent person she was, and above all its Mexican imitation. RIP “.

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