CarryMinati Net Worth [2022] Biography, Age, Height, & More

CarryMinati Net Worth in 2022

Ajey Nagar, better known as CarryMinati, is an Indian YouTuber and streamer. He is known for his comedic skits and reactions to various online topics on his channel CarryMinati. As of 2022, CarryMinati’s Net Worth is $4.3 Million and, Net Worth (INR) is 32 Crore.

Full Name
Ajey Nagar
Also known as Carry; Ajey; CarryMinati
June 12, 1999
Nationality India
Parents Father- Vivek Nagar Mother- Name Not Known
Siblings Brother- Yash Nagar or Wily Frenzy (Record Producer/ DJ)
Place of birth Faridabad, India
Net Worth $4.3 Million
Net Worth (INR) 32 Crore
Age 22 Years Old
Profession Youtuber, Television producer
Marital Status Unmarried

CarryMinati Length, Chest, and BICEPS-

The height of CarryMinati is  165 cm or 1.65 m or 5.5 feet.

The weight of CarryMinati is  68 kg.

Carinati’s chest is 40 inches  | The waist is 32 inches, and  BICEPS is 13 inches.

The color of their hair is black, and their eyes are brown.

School of Carryminati

DPS Faridabad, Haryana

Carryminati’s first love wedding  (affairs)

CarryMinati has not named any of his girlfriends yet. But in the middle, his name was associated with a youtube (Phalguni Thakkar) named Pardesi Girl. But CarryMinati never spoke openly about it.

CarryMinati Net Worth
CarryMinati /photo

Family of CarryMinati

Ajay Nagar is an Indian comedian, roster, gamer, rapper, and YouTuber from Faridabad, India. Carrie Minati  (CarryMinati) and  Carrie-Is-Live are known for (CarryIsLive) and are among the most popular youtube in India. Ajay Nagar, popularly known as Carryminati, or Carrie, is famous for mocking people on YouTube. He is involved in rappers, satirical parody, and comedy making, in addition to live gaming on YouTube.

The father of CarryMinati is named Vivek Nagar. And his brother’s name is Yash Nagar. Yash Nagar is the elder brother of Kerminati (Ajay Nagar), who is the music director. Provides music to the Gano of Kerminati. They have their own YouTube channel named Wily Frenzy.

Childhood of CarryMinati

The name of CarryMinati is Ajay Nagar. Ajay Nagar was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, a city near India’s capital, New Delhi. He attended school until 2016. CarryMinati is a famous u-tuber. He lives in Faridabad (India) with his elder brother Yes Nagar and his parents. His real name is Ajay Nagar. He worked very hard for his career since childhood, the result of which is himself today. Let’s talk further about his career.

Career of CarryMinati

Ajay Nagar was born on June 12, 1999, in Faridabad, a city near the Indian capital New Delhi. He attended school until 2016, which he left to pursue his YouTube career. He decided to leave his Class-XII board examination after feeling unconfirmed about the Economics exam. And later completed his studies for a long time (by taking a private examination). Since childhood, Kerminati wanted to make videos on YouTube. And wanted to be popular in the eyes of people. So at the young age of 10, he started uploading videos of football, guitar playing computer tricks, and YouTube on his first YouTube channel, Steal the fearzz.

Now the biggest problem was this. That he never had more than 400 views on any of his videos. This was the case. At that time, a lot of videos related to this topic were on YouTube. And secondly, they were children then. Then he left that channel. Later, at the age of 15, he again created a new channel named Addicted A1. On which he used to play Counter-Strike, this game was not so popular in India, but people used to watch his video to see their memes, in which they used to make videos by mimicking Sunny Deol, Hrithik Roshan, etc.

But it also could not make some special recognition. So then he named it to carry deal. And he kept on roaming and started roasting as well. So his YouTube channel was doing well. But when he roasted Bhuwan bam one day, his popularity increased suddenly. Kuki BB ki vines channel was popular at that time. So then he changed his name to carryminati. And today their popularity is increasing.

CarryMinatinet worth and Career

Ajay Nagar started posting videos on YouTube from the age of 10. Initially, he posted videos where he played Sunny Deol and played video games. CarryMinati is his original YouTube channel, which has been active since 2014. In early 2017, Nagar started another YouTube channel called CarryIsLive, where he live-streamed himself playing video games. Ajay Nagar is assisted by Anirudh Nagpal, who is his business manager. Along with his team, Nagar uses part of his Faridabad home as a studio to make videos. As of February 2019, Nagar has earned the Silver and Gold YouTube Play Button.


Nagar released a disc song titled “By Pudipai” against YouTube Pudipai in January 2019, about the Pudipai vs. T-series competition, which became very popular. The song reached close to 5 million scenes within 24 hours of its release, and Pudipai received a lot of abuse during the competition. Ajay Nagar has sung the second song by the name of Yalgar; this song has been ranked 6th in the world.

CarryMinatinet worth

Carryminati, the most popular YouTuber, has a total net worth of $4.3 million. If we converted it into Indian Rupees, it might be more than 32 crores. The primary source of carryminati’s income has YouTube and sponsorship.

Some controversies and facts related to Carryminati

1- Ajay was very fat at first. Later, he joined the gym and controlled the lamps to create an average body. And reduced his weight.

2- There were three strikes once on the Channel of Carryminati. The first of which was given by BHEEM NARULA, a Haryanvi singer and the second by a YouTube channel named BAAP OF BACKCHOD, and the third by a YouTube channel named MOVIE TALKIES. Because of which this channel was going to be closed. But Ajay Nagar lifted the strike by paying a few rupees to the strike BHEEM NARULA. And his channel survived being banned.

“YouTube Vs. TikTok – The End”.

In 2020, Nagar published a YouTube video titled “YouTube Vs. TikTok- The End “, which is cashing in on creators like Aamir Siddiqui on the social media platform TikTok. The video is the result of the hashtag CarryminatiRoastVideo to trend on Twitter. The video received almost the highest number of likes on any non-music video on YouTube in India before YouTube India removed it. His fans were skeptical of the Tik Tok creators described in the video, the culprits behind the removal and review bombing the Tik Tok app on the Google Play store, with its rating dropping from 4+ stars to 1+ stars.

After deleting his viral video from YouTube, Cariminati uploaded a video titled “STOP MAKING ASSUMPTIONS | YOUTUBE VS TIK TOK: THE END.” The video also received a lot of support and is currently the most liked non-music video on Youtube India.


Through this article, we know that if a person wants to do something in his life, he should always pay constant attention to his goal. Ajay Nagar has also worked relentlessly in his life and never looked back even while achieving failure.

His hard work has made him famous today, and today millions of crores of people have also become like him. We also believe that you have to focus on your goals constantly if you want to do something big in life.

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