Larray Net Worth [2022] Biography, Age, Height, & More

Who is he and what is Larray Net Worth?

Larray Net Worth: Larray is a popular YouTube star from California, United States, whose real name is Larri Merritt. As of 2022, Larray Net Worth is $20.52 million, and his annual income is $5.13 million.

Larray Biodata

Full Name
Larri Merritt
Nick Name/ Stage Name Larray
July 22, 1998
Nationality American
5 ft 7 inches
Siblings one (sister: Tyler Baby)
Place of birth California
Net Worth $20.52 Million
 Annual Income  $5.13 million
Age 22 Years Old
Profession Youtuber
sexual preference Gay

Larri Merritt is an American social media influencer and YouTube star who rose to international fame thanks to his channel ‘LARRAY’. he first gained popularity through his Vine account, where he spent a long time posting comedic videos that helped him gain a large following. After the short-lived video-sharing app shut down, he became more active on other social media platforms by opening his own YouTube channel and began posting a variety of humorous-type videos, music videos, and personal vlogs.

Larray’s popularity began to grow significantly, placing him as one of the most famous YouTubers internationally and then expanding on other networks such as Instagram and finally TikTok.

Larray, a multiplatform social media influencer from is a famous internet personality achieving millions of followers on TikTok, and due to the tremendous success achieved he was accepted in January 2020 as a member within The Hype House, the Los Angeles-based mansion where they live. various influencers, tiktokers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers.

How much does LARRAY earn?

LARRAY earns an estimated $5.13 million a year.

The LARRAY YouTube channel gets more than 2.85 million views every day.

Larray Net Worth
Larray /Photo

Larray’s early life

Larri Merritt was born in Oakland, California, on July 22, 1998, in his early years as a YouTuber, he lived in Los Angeles with his family until he later moved with his friends from The Hype House in 2020.

Merritt has an active social media presence and has millions of followers across multiple platforms. Despite being a popular social media star, he prefers to maintain privacy when it comes to his personal life, however, he let all his fans know that he is gay and that in 2019 he had started a relationship with fellow influencer Brady Potter.

Larray’s career and history

Larri Merritt started posting funny short videos to his Vine account in his teens. He initially became active on Vine just to kill the boredom but inadvertently he started receiving positive feedback from viewers and accumulated a loyal following. It didn’t take long for him to become a popular Viner. Before Vine closed, Merritt had accumulated almost 200 thousand followers on his account so when the app closed Larray switched his focus to other social media platforms and since he already had a YouTube channel called ‘LARRAY’, he started using it and started uploading content more often. As of November 2018, Larri Merritt began to gain more and more followers until he became a famous Youtuber.

On YouTube he has also started a career as a singer although since he does not sing well he really does it more for fun, some of his most famous songs are Latina, First Place, among others he is also very famous for his Roblox videos. Larry also engages fans in his videos by asking questions on Twitter and Instagram and responding to them on his YouTube channel. However, Larray is quite cheeky about how he answers the questions and doesn’t reveal much about him personally in the end.

Most famous tiktoker

In January 2020 he was invited by the most famous tiktokers of the moment to be part of the select group of internet stars so that he went to live with them at the mansion located in Los Angeles called “The Hype House”, going to live with the greatest TikTok stars such as Charli D’Amelio, Chase Hudson, Dixie D’Amelio, Addison Rae, Avani Gregg, Alex Warren, among others; It was at this point that his popularity reached levels that he had never expected. The decision to admit Larray to the larger TikTok collective was announced in an Instagram post by The Hype House on January 30, kicking off a new phase for him.

Larray Net Worth
Brady Potter and Larray /Photo

Larray Boyfriends

Larray and his boyfriend Brady Potter

Larry and Brady Potter began dating and having a formal relationship in early 2019, and their social media posts together portray a strong relationship. Brady’s career on social media has benefited greatly from his relationship with Larry, which is why many people have come to believe that Brady Potter is only with Larray because of the fame and popularity that he has brought to his life and not precisely because he is in love with him although those are just rumors.

Brady admitted in one of his videos that he is more open about his relationship than Larry. He also stated that he is very protective of Larry and that he would fight anyone who tried to do something for his great love. Brady has an amazing physique, and he looks happy with his funny boyfriend.

Larray Pack

Although on social networks and on the internet people look a lot for the Larray pack or photos in which you can see it with little clothes or in sensual poses, the truth is that currently there is no Larray pack other than those photos that the artist has posted on their own networks and they could be considered as sexy.

How much does Larray earn?

This is one of the questions that people ask the most about Larray and although they always end up answering it on other pages with an “I don’t know, you know” or “it depends” if there are some estimates that various web portals mention. Larray Net Worth is $20.52 million.

  • LARRAY earns an estimated $5.13 million a year.
  • The LARRAY YouTube channel gets more than 2.85 million views every day.

However, it is not possible to make an exact calculation about the fortune of this great star that is Larray within the middle of the show, even so, more than being interested in a person’s fortune, the important thing is the talent he has and that I have done. this within the great figures of the international entertainment medium.

Without a doubt, the career of this great star Larray will continue to rise and we will be attentive to everything that happens around him, so we invite you not to leave our page for the next updates that we will have in life, trajectory, history and biography of Larray.

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