Goku’s Day: Why The Character Of The Dragon Ball Saga Is Celebrated On May 9

This day comes long-awaited news for fans of Dragon Ball, the announcement of a new movie after two years without having premieres of the most popular Saiyan

This Sunday is official Goku Day in Japan and fans have not stopped reacting on social networks to it, because with this day comes much-awaited news for Dragon Ball fans, the announcement of a new movie after two years without having premieres of the most popular Saiyan.

“Goku may not be the best protagonist of shonen, but who did not try to improve himself by looking at how Goku did it, how we raised our hands when he asked for it, as when the laughs he gave us and how happy he made us defeating the bad guy, like this Happy day Goku #GokuDay, “wrote a fan on Twitter.

On the other hand, the production house that animates Dragon Ball at the moment, that is, Toei Animation announced that it will give the action and fight scenes that fascinate lovers of this anime so much and although it is not specified in dates, nor is there a teaser trailer, on social networks they expressed relief after the announcement of new products.

“A new movie is in development since Dragon Ball Super: Broly! Just like the one above, I am heavily involved with the story and production of another amazing movie. I shouldn’t talk much about the plot yet but be prepared for some extreme and entertaining fights, which could include an unexpected character.

We will be entering uncharted territory in terms of visual aesthetics, in order to give audiences an amazing journey, so I hope everyone is looking forward to this new film! ”Detailed Toei.

After the success of the movie “Freeza’s Resurrection” and the chapters by the Japanese animation company, that is, Dragon Ball Super, Japan made May 9 official as Goku Day.

The commemoration is due to the 30 years of the saga and was made at the request of the Japan Anniversaries Association, following a request from Toei for the anniversary.

The date was not chosen haphazardly. It happens that, in Japanese, the numbers 5 and 9 (referring to the fifth month and the ninth day) are read as “Go” and “ku”. Thus, from this year the day of the protagonist of Dragon Ball will be celebrated.

To celebrate it, this time the new film was screened at an event that featured the participation of the actress Masako Nozowa, who voices the powerful Saiyan, but also the people Gohan and Goten.

However, it hasn’t all been good news for Goku lately. Well, the manga created by Akira Toriyama in 1984, published and reproduced in many countries internationally, including Mexico, was cancelled in Spain because it is considered that its content does not follow the new norms of gender equality and the values that must be instilled in children.

Both the dialogues and the illustration make up the original story created by the Japanese, who first published them in the Shoen Jump magazine of the same country. The manga gained so much popularity that five years later it was adapted to air on the small screen. Its significance forced the producers to translate it into other languages.

Many are the generations who grew up watching this cartoon and the pleasure to see it is still valid. However, the directors of the Valencian channel À Punt consider that the retransmission of the series is not adequate, since as a whole, it does not comply with the gender policies that both the television station and the country seek to follow 

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