Sports journalist Fernando Caetano Dies At 50

Sports journalist Fernando Caetano died on Sunday (9), at the age of 50, in the city of Marília, in the interior of São Paulo. The death was reported by the family, via social networks, and confirmed by the report.

The cause of death is not yet fully understood. According to the local newspaper Jornal da Manhã, Fernando allegedly suffered a heart attack about two weeks ago, when he needed to be hospitalized.

Fernando was a reporter for 30 years and had recently left Fox Sports. He was born and raised in Marília until he passed the entrance exam at PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) and moved to São Paulo in the 1980s. He started at Rádio Jovem Pan in 1991, where he stayed for seven years and worked in several editorials, from economics to police. Then he headed for the sport.

He worked at ESPN and, more recently, was a field reporter for Disney channels (Fox Sports and ESPN), but ended up being cut in early December, when several professionals were fired.

Fernando Caetano was a solicitous and kind reporter at all times, owner of a wide smile and a sympathy that captivated everyone in the first conversation. In the air, microphone in hand, the loud, clear and unmistakable voice held live tickets for several minutes on end with perfect ease. A reference in the profession.

Several journalists and sports personalities have lamented Caetano’s death. The narrator Gustavo Villani, his personal friend, was incredulous in a publication and sent a “torn kiss” to the family. Paulo Vinícius Coelho regretted the terrible news. “Left us too soon,” he wrote.

The sports journalist’s farewell will be held this Sunday, at the Marília Municipal Velório, but with restrictions on the number of people because of the pandemic.

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