[Video] Couple From Bolivian “Calle 7” Dies After Falling From 12th Floor

A shock has caused the death of a young couple in Bolivia, who participated in the local adaptation of the television program “Calle 7”.

They are Sarah Arauco and Dágner Rojas, who died on Tuesday, April 27, after both fell from the 12th floor of a building located in the center of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

According to Bolivian mediathe Prosecutor’s Office is investigating alleged femicide followed by a suicide, but that the information is still very preliminary to affirm that.

Videos would show that the first to fall was the young woman after allegedly being pushed out the window in the middle of an argument, losing her balance, and falling through it.

The background of the case indicates that, although Dágner tried to hold her, he did not succeed, and proceeded to jump into the void when he saw the deadly outcome.

According to a friend of the young woman, the latter was jealous and violent, so much so that she did not let her have social networks.

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