Several of her followers on Instagram showed their support and described the tiktoker as a “wonderful person”

éssica Frozza is an influencer and tiktoker from Brazil who, two years ago, underwent a cosmetic surgery called “bichectomy” in order to remove the accumulated fat on her cheeks and thus further stylize her face. However, the results were not as expected and Frozza recently shared her experience through social networks.

The influencer currently has more than 84,000 followers on Instagram , where she shares photos of her daughter María Clara, who was born on May 20, 2020. The baby’s father is Dr. Lucas Tupynambá, a specialist in sports medicine and physical training. It should be noted that the influencer married Lucas on December 6, 2020 and in the same social network the doctor posted photos related to the event, where she described Frozza as “a warrior of life” and as a “dedicated wife.”

Some of the followers assured that the influencer is an example to follow and a great human being who inspires other women due to the integrity with which she has faced the situation and commented that she is a “wonderful person”. For their part, other users commented that, after reading their testimony, they were discouraged to undergo bichectomy.

After the publication of her testimony on TikTok, Jéssica Frozza canceled her account on this social network and only remains active via Instagram , a space where she also shared her experience after surgery with her followers in order to raise awareness about cosmetic procedures and posted a before and after photograph of her face to later emphasize that “everything has repercussions” and urge Internet users to accept themselves as they are.

“I had a severe image disorder! And thank God today I am in deconstruction! I am going to remove the silicone prosthesis and I began to love myself and improve what I have. Accepting what God has given me! ”, Expressed the influencer through her official account. She also added that many of the comments she receives daily are related to the appearance of her face and, in them, different users assure that Jéssica Frozza deserved everything that happened after her cosmetic surgery.

Given this, Frozza pointed out that the process has been very painful and that she has suffered looking in the mirror every day. However, she defended her position in favor of her physical appearance after bichectomy, adding that the “before and after” has only served to remind her how beautiful she is and how much the beauty patterns imposed by society have affected her.

Jéssica Frozza
The tiktoker commented through a video that she regrets having undergone the bichectomy and that to this day she continues to undergo treatment to improve the appearance of her face (Photo: Screenshot / Instagram @ mafaldamc2019)

What is the bichectomy procedure?

This procedure is one of the most demanded cosmetic surgeries globally and consists of the extraction of the Bichat Ball, accumulations of fat that form under the cheeks that are located in the lower and middle part of the face . According to specialized health sites, the process lasts from 45 minutes to an hour, during which time doctors make cuts in the lower part of the cheeks to remove the Bichat Ball and thus have a more stylized face.

However, one of the risks that exist after undergoing this surgery are premature aging and facial skeletonization, as happened with the face of Jéssica Frozza , since the influencer claimed to suffer sagging of the skin after the treatment. “My face fell, I do not know my face. Today I have to continue doing a procedure to stimulate the collagen in the Bichat ball. I became a skull . Why didn’t anyone warn me? ”Said the tiktoker in a video that went viral on networks because the influencer canceled her account on this platform.

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