[VIDEO] Boston Dynamics Robots Dance Do You love me?

Several decades ago, specifically in the year 2000, Honda presented Asimo in society . A humanoid robot, designed to help people who lacked complete mobility in their bodies, which automatically became the most  advanced of its time. However, its beginnings were not entirely good. In its presentation in front of the public, the robot crashed down in front of all the spectators and showed that it was not yet ready to help society in its day to day life.

However, robotics has evolved a lot over the past two decades and has shown us that the day when robots and humans work hand in hand are closer than ever. All this thanks to companies such as Boston Dynamics, where they have refined the agility of these machines to unsuspected limits. And, as the company has shown in recent years, they no longer trip on the stairs.


Robots dance to the rhythm of Dirty Dancing

Now the robots jump and do all sorts of dreamy stunts firmly . They can also navigate rocky areas to aid in rescue efforts, withstand virtually any blow, and even dance to all kinds of songs without missing a beat. Just a few hours ago, and to celebrate the holidays, the Boston Dynamics team put some of their most characteristic robots to dance. And no, they have not danced a simple choreography.

As if they were Frances Houseman and Johnny Castle, the protagonists of this video have danced the mythical Do You Love Me from The Contours . A song that appeared in the mythical Dirty Dancing , the song that marked an entire generation. First of all, one of the humanoid robots starts jumping and swinging its hips better than many people. They also snap their fingers gracefully and repeat some of the most characteristic movements of the choreography.

The robot that helps in the COVID-19 pandemic also knows how to dance

But you are not alone. As the humanoid robot dances to the song, the Boston Dynamics team shows us a second robot following in its footsteps . As if they were a dance couple, both repeat each step in unison, showing great coordination between them. However, they are not the only ones on the dance floor. After a few seconds, the company’s robotic dog, Spot Mini, comes into action. A robot that helps doctors cope with COVID-19 and does not flinch when asked to go out on the dance floor.

Also a third type of robot that, despite its large size, shows an innate ability to dance. In this way, the Boston Dynamics team puts an end to its 2020 and hopes that 2021 will be much better in all aspects.

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