Celebrities Returning To Exatlon 5 USA: Analysis By Erasmo Provenza

Several weeks ago the return of twelve athletes from different seasons to the arenas of Exatlon United States was confirmed for the fifth edition. Some will return for the third time and others, despite some failures from the past, the most recent in the Seasons Tournament where some traveled to the Dominican Republic but remained “dressed and upset”, will give themselves a new opportunity.


Nickname: “The Machine”


PROFILE: Mack was the first 100% American athlete to participate in the competition and one of the few left-handers to make it through the arenas. He did it during the third season and showed a superlative level product of his enormous experience acquired as a high-performance athlete and by that time with American Ninja Warrior. It is to be feared, yes, because it gathers everything necessary to liquidate anyone. He was one of the guests at the Seasons Tournament taking a good amount of money. The one from Tampa is also remembered for his romance with Jessica Cediel who was co-host of the show at the time.

PROS: He knows the format and is a beast in every way. Fast, agile, skilled at every scale. He is given practically all aim shots and his winning percentage was always above 50%. That speaks for itself.

CONS: His age, the language barrier, the psychological aspect and not knowing how to work under pressure. While Mack is up, nothing and no one stops him. His failures begin when he locks on aim. If it is not given, it is not given and that took its toll. He is his main enemy and his subject will be to channel that which played against him.

MY PREDICTION: He will make it to the final week and if he overcomes that failure from the past he could be champion. Is the third time lucky? It will dawn and we will see.


Nickname: “Tarzan”
PROFILE: American with Mexican roots. His sport is “handball” and he represented the United States in different international tournaments. Patient, silent at the first change, introverted but to be feared. He participated in the second season and was the male champion but could not face Valeria Sofía Rodríguez in the absolute final. Today he is in a loving relationship with his former teammate Dayleen Santana and they are both expecting a child.
PROS: Your aim. In his season he bet on that and on his patience, calm and coldness. Your mind is your greatest virtue and there is no pressure to dampen you.
CONS:His speed, height and the fact that he will face new and unprecedented circuits for him. It exceeds six feet and is not very fast, but understanding that what counts in Exatlón United States is precisely the aim and the coldness, you have to keep your eye on it from the beginning. The mud circuit could be disastrous for him.
MY PREDICTION: You could make it to the final week if you keep the same spirit and focus.


NICK: “Showtime”
PROFILE: Born in the United States but represented Puerto Rico in different track and field competitions. His specialty is obstacle courses (400 meters), so Exatlon fits him like a glove. He was part of Team Famosos in season two. He has experience in the Pan American, Central American and Caribbean Games and in the Olympic Games (London 2012).
PROS: Know the format and will face circuits where his athletic specialty could play in his favor. Tracks like speed could be decisive for him.
CONS:The aim in some cases and tends to become very frustrated if things do not go as he hopes or wants. That will be your greatest enemy.
MY PREDICTION: It will be competitive and it will fight but I think it will be halfway there and the final week will not be within reach.


PROFILE: Mexican and professional soccer player. she played for Chivas but today he plays for Pachuca. She was the female runner-up in the third season after a final in which she could not face Shaila Pérez. It was a difficult harvest for her since she lost her mother and had to leave the show for a few weeks to accompany her family at that delicate moment, with the full support of the production. It should be noted that in the media aspect she is a figure, being the third footballer with the most followers on Instagram after Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe.
PROS:Know the format and these clues. She is patient, cold, and calculating. She is good for most aiming shots and as a high-performance athlete, she knows how to dose herself.
CONS: The only thing that played against him in his season was the mental aspect although he cannot be judged by what she went through on a personal level. After Denisse Novoa’s injury, she was the candidate to be the women’s champion in that campaign, but she could not precisely because she was mentally weakened.
MY PREDICTION: She will make it to the final week and if she focuses she will be the women’s champion. It has everything, absolutely everything.


Nickname: “Gordis”.


PROFILE: Colombian, professional soccer player and Olympian with the “coffee” team. she participated in the third season of Exatlón United States. Charismatic, smiling, and with a lot of spirits. Her time at the show and her extensive knowledge of the beautiful game allowed her to be part of the Telemundo Deportes staff for the FIFA Women’s World Cup France 2019 as an analyst. It has enviable camera handling.

PROS:Know the format and the clues. It is an iceberg. Pressure? That word doesn’t seem to exist in the Cali native’s dictionary. she knows how to dose himself and she looks like a stallion on a racetrack: she doesn’t look sideways. she focuses on her lane and that’s it. The aim is given with enormous ease. This Nicole, physically, far exceeds the one we saw in the third season and this will play a lot in her favor.

CONS: her speed could be a cons but she channels it with concentration and focus. The rest is very complete.
MY PREDICTION: she will make it to the final week and could even be in the top six in the competition.


PROFILE: Mexican, one of the best CrossFit athletes in the world. She came to the show in the first season as a replacement for Janelly Farías and got into the final week. In fact, she was about to eliminate Marisela Cantú, eventually champion. She was one of the guests at the Seasons Tournament but did not participate, something she found out in the arenas with her uniform on. I know that this caused her a lot of anger and despite the fact that the production asked her to keep all payment, admitting her mistake, she decided to go back to Mexico.
PROS:Know the format. It has enormous resistance and its strength is its greatest virtue. There are circuits where strength is paramount and in them, surely, you will take advantage. She is focused, does not tend to be distracted, and loves challenges like this.
CONS: Some aim shots but few, unless I remember.
MY PREDICTION: It could make it to the final week. If in the first season she did it without so much experience in this, with experience and at the same level as everyone, she could sneak into the top eight.

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