The quintessential vacation month has arrived and many have already escaped from the city to the countryside or the beach. A time out of the routine that pushes to relax our style in favor of comfort, which does not mean that we stop caring about fashion. It is simply about knowing some formulas that always work so as not to waste an extra second thinking about what to wear or how to combine it. And here we present you 10 summer looks so that dressing well takes no more than two minutes.

The new basics

2020 is undoubtedly the year of shorts, but also the year of ultra comfortable clothing and, therefore, the year of the sweatshirt. Two basics that can not miss in your suitcase on vacation, wherever you go, because they will solve very diverse weather situations, and also because, together, the result can be as attractive as this style by Emili Sindlev, especially if you contrast sportswear with a luxury bag.


The ‘cropped’ t-shirt trick

Don’t you have a crop top that fits the look you want to wear? Copy the trick that influencers like Leonie Hanne have been practicing all season: fold a normal shirt and put it inside the bra so that it stays fixed. In this way, you will transform the duo of basic and jeans into a different look, and if you add special accessories such as her handbag and fishnet sandals, in a very sophisticated one.

The cropped t-shirt trick

Romantic and comfortable

If you want to wear jeans despite the heat, choose a model that is wide: boyfriends , straight, slouchy. .. And to get a contrast look, wear a romantic top or a ruffled blouse. Search our guide for the neckline that most favors your body type and take advantage of the fact that you are already tanned to highlight it with light tones, such as lilac, lime or, the most effective and elegant, white.


The most feminine look

The ‘slip dress’ is experiencing one of its best moments, since it became the favorite of the most stylish models in the 90s -for example, Kate Moss-. Although satin and smooth are the most successful on the street , if you want a different dress, choose it printed, like Mirian Perez’s. Wear it with sneakers during the day, but change them for strappy sandals when it starts to get dark.


Ubiquitous point

2020 is his year: from winter to summer, he has accompanied us every season, with the combined sets as a great bet. If in spring the body and shorts  duo triumphed in summer it is the matching top and skirt that cannot be missing in your wardrobe . You will have a look without complicating or the slightest and, the best, it is luxurious with the most comfortable shoes of the moment: flip flop sandals . Word from FASHION and the ultra stylish Jeanette Madsen.


White pants and earth tones

If you spend the summer somewhere with low temperatures, surely long pants are a must. Forget the dark tones and bet on the most typical of this time, white. Lucia Barcena’s proposal – with a bohemian air thanks to the printed top and ugly sandals – is very easy to copy and, above all, it is perfect not to get cold  but still feel like you are in summer.


Without any complications (but luxury sandals)

Combine basic and affordable clothing with bags, shoes or exclusive jewelry  is one of the style rules most followed by models and influencers. And it is also perfect for vacations because you only need to put in your suitcase, for example, some special sandals and these will ensure that even a look of a basic shirt and denim shorts is transformed into a very chic style .

In case of rain …

Although most of us dream of the beach -and this summer more than ever-, some people prefer to spend the summer in cooler places and will need to take their trench out of the mid -season closet as well as their long pants. The best thing is that you can wear one of the most flattering combinations: jeans and sandals. Get inspired by London-based Michelle Driscoll -who knows about rain for a while- and opt for lighter tones for the rest of the garments.


The summer outfit

If you have an event and you don’t want to resort to the classic dress, the jacket and bermuda suit is the new trend solution. Teresa Andres knows it and has only needed a two-tone bag and padded sandals to create a look with her two-piece salmon as the protagonist. If, like her, you choose mule- style sandals , your legs will seem endless.


A touch of color

There are days when we only feel like wearing basics, right? Nobody renounces to combine his favorite shirt with the jeans that favor him the most because the result will make him look and feel great. However, to give it a different and special touch, the colored accessories – for example, a mini bag such as the yellow Prada carried by Xenia Adonts – are the fastest solution.


Amelia Warner– After graduating from NYU with a master's degree in history, She was also a columnist for many local newspapers. Amelia Warner mostly covers Entertainment topics, but at times loves to write about movie reviews as well.

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